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Hughesnet is in a breach of contract and will not waive my cancellation fee.

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Hughesnet is in a breach of contract and will not waive my cancellation fee.

I have spoken with Hughesnet representatives many times in regards to my unusuable connection. The representative lied to my face in regards to what I would be receiving with with this internet service. I called in before my 30 day window was up voicing these concerns and was lied to once again, stating they would up my data cap and it would allow me to use the internet for what I clearly told them I used it for on a regular basis. They told me this would fix my problems and I was at the 30 day window to cancel. 


This company is immoral and what they are doing is ILLEGAL. I need a represenative to waive my early cancellation fee immediately or I will be seeking legal council. I will do everything in my power to let EVERYONE know that Hughesnet is STEALING money from hard working Americans. I will post on every social media outlet and blog that I can. I will report this company to the ATT. general and I will report to the BETTER BUSINESS 


I have never in my life been so disgusted. I have been on the phone for over an hour trying to cancel and have this fee waived. They put me on hold for 20 minutes at a time and are transferring me around. I have troubleshooted. Followed all their advice. Bottom line is this company LIED and MISREPRESENTED THEIR SERVICE. 


And just an FYI - I was told to delete several key phrases from this post before I was aloud to post. 

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HughesNet does not offer a 30 day window in which to cancel your service without being subject to an Early Termination Fee.  The contract is in effect the second the service goes live.


If you believe you were misled during your sales call, you can request a review of that call.  If it's determined that appropriate expectations were not set during that call, you may have recourse.  You can request the sales call review in a reply in this thread.  


While you're certainly free to try whatever avenue you see fit to resolve your issue, please keep in mind that HughesNet has an arbitration clause in Section 5 of their Residential Subscriber Agreement.  


If you'd like to work on resolving the issue you're experiencing, please start a new topic in Tech Support, which you can do here, and explain the issue.  Please include any pertinent details.


Good morning shelbieleigh,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! I pulled up your account to investigate and I see you've already had your concerns addressed yesterday. Feel free to contact us again if you have further questions.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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