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I need to cancel my service

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I need to cancel my service

I need to cancel my service and I cannot pay the
ridiculously high termination fee! I have to move in
with family because I can't afford my own place any more! I do NOT have $400 to
give away for something that has been crappy from the get go. I am on a very small fixed income! Can you please send me a box and prepaid shipping label? Thanks!

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Cancellation Fee problems.
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Good lord! Please start your own topic instead of jumping into everyone else's.

And 2 months old. You get no sympathy from me.
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Good Lord!! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!! It plainly says that Hughes will "look for existing conversations to save time" when you try to post a question! Not my fault it brought me here! And, nobody asked YOU for ANYTHING!
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As was related to you previously you can only terminate your service by phone.

The number is 866-347-3292

If you decide to cancel, your service will usually terminate at the end of your current billing period unless you demand an immediate cancelation.

When you termination date arrives you will be sent a prepaid Return Kit.

You will be required to return the Modem, Power Brick and cords and the "radio" that is mounted on the end of the dish "arm".

If you do not return the equipment you will be assessed an "equipment fee" in addition to any ETF fees you may owe.

Some details: (click for larger image)

Complete information can be found here:

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Any American company that takes $400 for senior citizens on a fixed income should be deported and tried for treason. Hughenet is a crap company and you violate many state and federal codes by forcing Americans into lengthy contracts before they can "test" service. Enforcing this type of a bogus contract collecting the termination fee for something like internet which costs the provider little to no out of pocket money for use and you give your customers very little to begin with is going to catch up to Hughesnet and its employees. I would watch out. Other Companies owned by decent Americans are getting wind of. How unhappy your customers are and they are developing much better options to your slow expensive satalite like fiber. And your going to loose a lot of people if you can't improve your customer satisfaction. Hughesnet YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!
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Been a 10+ year customer, satisfied overall.

The dish, modem, radio, cable and installer labor are not cheap, it does cost  them quite a bit.

DirecTV, DISH, Comcast, TWC, AT&T have contracts, heck all providers have contracts these days.

This service is for those who can't get cable, WISP, low cost 4G........any other decent option. If you have other options you should not go with satellite.

Need help? Please start a new post. You are replying to a solved problem 2 months old.

Hi Rose,

As mentioned by others. The only way to cancel is by calling into our support number so that we can convey all relevant info to you about the cancellation process.

Thank you,
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How do we the company acts as thou shalt here's no problem with yheor service