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Leaving HughesNet

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Leaving HughesNet

Just called and cancelled my HughesNet account after 19 years. Finally have DSL out here in the mountains where I live. I know most everybody seems to have bad experiences with HughesNet for all different reasons, so I wanted to post something positive.


I started with DirectPC and had many upgrades along the way to the current Gen5 system. In all that time I have never had an equipment failure or a service call at all. For me these systems have been rock solid.


Of course, the principal downfall is the data cap. I use my data in 4-5 days and then am stuck with 1Kbps for 3 weeks. The 633ms ping times are a killer for any gaming.


But when nothing else except dial-up (can you even still get this?) the satellite option is very attractive. It’s been a viable option for normal browsing, email, and paying bills online. The new modem works very well and was easy to configure additional channels and passwords. It gave me my first chance to properly network my house.


One more thing, the associate I talked to about cancelling the service was very polite. Of course, he wanted to know why I was leaving and tried offering an incentive to stay but he never was loud or abusive like some others have described.


So, thanks HughesNet, it’s been good but time to leave.




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Re: Leaving HughesNet

"But when nothing else except dial-up (can you even still get this?) "




Edit: the dialup is actually free. And you get what you pay for, too. Smiley Wink

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Re: Leaving HughesNet



It's nice to see someone post something positive for a change.  That's nothing against anyone, as I wouldn't expect a support community to have too many positive posts, as people primarily come here for help due to experiencing an issue of some sort, but it's still nice to see.  


I've had HughesNet/DirecWay for 14.5 years, and other than replacing a radio back in 2006/2007, and a slowdown for a few months when I upgraded from the DW7000 to the HN7000S modem, I've had no major issues.  It's been good enough for me that I convinced my folks to sign up for it in 2016 (they stuck with dialup until then), and they've had very good luck with it, too.  They call me for any issues they have with their computer or internet, and I've not had one HughesNet related call from them.  


I would switch to cable or fiber if either of those came along, of course, and I'm sure Hughes would expect me to, but my 14.5 years with them has been, for the most part, a positive experience.  Smiley Happy  

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Re: Leaving HughesNet

Hi Jerry,


Welcome to the community! Thank you for taking the time to share your long experience with us, and thank you for being with us for nearly 20 years! I'm glad to see that the system has worked well for you all throughout. Enjoy your new ISP and take care, Jerry.


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