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No Internet and still being charge since day one

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No Internet and still being charge since day one

I had my service for new account back in August, And yet I still don’t have Internet service because of my location but somehow customer service keeps telling me that I’m using my data. It takes me five minutes just to open one email with that service, I cannot stream or watch anything. I have tried to cancel this service with Hughesnet but instead of canceling they add 30 days service to see if I get better service but no luck at all, now that I want to cancel since I don’t have no service or we cannot fix the issue they want to charge me a cancellation fee even though it’s not my problem that I don’t have service and they automatically withdraw my payment from my bank account without my permission, somethings wrong here. I guess I’m going back with spectrum
New Member

You’re not alone. I’ve been fighting with them for months because it doesn’t work and they refused to waive the cancellation fee until a technician came out to make sure it was an issue that couldn’t be fixed. Well a technician came out, claimed it was fixed and guess what? Still no service. They still refused to cancel the fee so I finally just gave in so I don’t have to deal with them anymore. Truly a terrible company who doesn’t address any of your issues. I haven’t heard 1 good thing about them from anyone who’ve ever had this service. I don’t know if potential customers can read these, but if you can, DO NOT sign a contract with these people it will be a complete waste of money!

They did the same thing to me. I had to technicians came to my house and say that everything was OK but yet not service .