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Problems So Soon after I Was Connected With Hughes Net !!!

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Problems So Soon after I Was Connected With Hughes Net !!!

I Was a Disconnected It took me about 30 min to get it back and was in the middle of talking to my brother and it caused me to have an issue with him and I had to text him and tell him about my internet and he said i shouldn't be having any issues with an internet company i have just gotten so when he comes down I will tell him about the rebate that i am suppose to recieve and if i haven't recieved it by then i will let him at them because he travels all over the world and he has a lot of pull and he would help me do something to the company so i would probably in up sueing them for all of the money i had given them and i would just go to AT&T and get it through them it would probably be cheaper if i did. 😕

Good morning Frances,

We're really sorry you've experienced a loss of service so quickly into you being with us. We definitely want to check out what happened and make sure it does not happen again. Do you have a recent case number or the serial number on your modem? I'll be able to look up your account with that information and get started.

Thank you,