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Questions after Gen4 upgrade

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Questions after Gen4 upgrade

I just had my old legacy HN9000 system updated to Gen4, and have a couple of questions. I responded to an offer that allowed me to get a rebate on the purchase of my new equipment - where do I get that form and any info needed to submit it? How long do I have to get that done? I do want the rebate! How long does it take to get correct billings sorted out after upgrade? I'm also supposed to be charged $10 less per month, but doesn't show that at this point, and bill will be generated in about 5 days.
Also, I'd read on here somewhere that any tokens you had in your account would transfer to your new service, and I'd like to know about that. I do not currently need any, of course, but would like to have them available for future use since I had them in my account.
Thank you-
New Poster

Hi prsmart,

Thanks for posting, glad to hear you upgraded to Gen4!  

Regarding rebates, you can check here for your eligibility:

In looking at your account, the $10 x 12 months credit is applied, and you still have complimentary tokens in your account.

Please let me know if you have additional concerns.