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Sales call very misleading

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Sales call very misleading

I called back in October to ask about Hughes net Internet because I had gone 10 years without service...I seen an advertisement stating Gen 5 was so fast and reliable with unlimited data. The Sales person went over everything with me but told a bold face lie to me over the phone. I specifically said that I needed internet to raise money for my brain injured daughter through Facebook live and the sales associate told me that there would be no problem using Facebook live. I asked if the call was really being recorded and she said yes I then asked 2 more times if I could use Facebook live and was told absolutely!!! I was also told that I could watch Netflix without any problems. Well the only thing myself and my husband use the internet for is to scroll on Facebook and we watched 1 movie on Netflix the 1st week we had the internet and it slowed down to where we couldn't even use it. I called and stayed on hold forever and when I talked to someone they said we used all of our data in 5 days but theres no way. I called because my Facebook live wouldn't work. Next month came and it still wouldn't work They said our modem must be bad and I would have to pay like $99 for a technician to come out which I refused so they sent one for (free) when the tech came out he installed a new modem and all of our data was used up in less then 10 days supposedly but we only get on Facebook no movies and Facebook live still didnt work. Come to find out Hughes net doesnt support Facebook live so all I was trying to do is raise money for my daughter because I dont even have a job...I had to quit to take care of my daughter 24/7 but now I'm stuck with internet that dont work like I was told. All I want is for Hughes net to take responsibility and cancel my service with no fees and PLEASE pull my sales call so you can see that I was completely lied too!!! To top it all off I was told I would also get a $100 gift card that I never received and I dont have time to stay on hold everyday waiting for someone to talk to me about why I was lied too and hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this and get back to me.

Thank you so much,
Kristy Keller
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Re: Sales call very misleading



HughesNet sales calls are generally available for review for around three or four months.  If the call is available for review and it's determined that appropriate expectations were not set, you may very well have recourse regarding the Early Termination Fee when cancelling.  Sales call reviews can take up to a week to complete.  


Concerning the gift card, did you go to the HughesNet Rebate Center at the time and fill out the appropriate rebate form for the gift card?  


Though it sounds like you'll be cancelling, if you'd like to troubleshoot what it is that's using your data so quickly you can start a new topic in tech support and ask for help with this.  There are many things that can use data, including apps/programs on devices that may be running and using the data without you being aware of it.  


The reps are on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST.  They usually reply within a working day, so hopefully you'll receive a reply tomorrow.


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Re: Sales call very misleading




Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear this. I will investigate the sales call and let you know of my findings via private message. Thank you for your patience in advance.