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Seems kind of like extortion to me

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Seems kind of like extortion to me

Hi, first of all, my service got shut off after 10 days of nonpayment, thats absurd.


Second of all, I went online to pay it yesterday and was told I owed $59.03 to make my balance current. I paid $59.03.


An hour later, my service is still not back on so I come back to the site and now it says I owe another $32.48.

I try to pay said $32.48, a popup comes up saying "You have no payments that need to be made" but my service never came back and 12 hours later, $32.48 was automatically debited from my bank account.


Your chat agents are useless and somebody needs to explain this to me in plain english because your chat agents make it sound like you guys can just add whatever charges you want AFTER a balance is brought current to keep their service disconnected. That is borderline extortion.


I have screenshots of everything every step of the way but I have nowhere to send them and Ive talked to about 3 people who clearly have no idea what is happening or how to help people.

Distinguished Professor IV

The HughesNet representatives on his site won't be back until Monday during business hours.  Have you tried calling the toll-free number?


When you say that you don't have service, do you mean your speed is throttled?  If so, this happens when you've run out of data. If that's the case, your system won't come back to full speed until your data cycle starts again or until you buy tokens. 


If you're able to go to the modem page at!/home/status, what is the 3 digit number next to State Code?

New Poster

My service was not throttled. It was completely shut off after 10 days of my bill being due. 


People on chat and the phone pretty much told me that Hughesnet can add whatever charges they want at any time and theres nothing we can do about it.


I was told to pay $59.03 to have my service reconnected so I did. I was told it would be back on in an hour. Never came back on so I called again and they said I owed them another $40 before they would reactivate my service. I refused because this practice doesnt seem ethical and I only had a few dollars left until payday which is still almost 2 weeks away. TWELVE HOURS LATER,  they automatically took the $32.48 out of my bank account and left me $70 negative for a charge that I did not authorize.


Customer service does not care that I did not authorize the payment, they told me theres nothing they or I can do about it.


Im at my wits end with this company but they have a monopoly where I live and I cant get anything else all the way out here. I guess thats why they figure they can treat people this way.

Distinguished Professor IV

OK, so it looks like your best bet is to wait for the reps on this site to reply to you this coming week. They'll look into this and let you know what's going on.  Hopefully you'll hear by end of business tomorrow. 


Good morning Rezz540,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! I can certainly look into this for you. If one is on autopay and we aren't able to collect payment on the due date, yes we will suspend service until payment is submitted. There will be plenty of notices and reminders, however, before that point is reached.


I apologize for our rep only taking  around $60 when your May bill's amount due was actually $91.51. We set the wrong expectation, so I understand your frustration when you learned that more than $60 was due. 


Moving forward, you can view your bill online and see the breakdown of what's owed to prevent any surprises.  Here's a guide on viewing and understanding your bill.


Since you upgraded to the 30 GB plan, there were prorated adjustments on your latest bill, but your typical monthly bill should be around $91 with your 30 GB plan fee ($75), lease fee ($15), and tax, as long as there aren't any additional purchases.


Hope that clears things up!




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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