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THANK YOU AMANDA, from Kim Byrne (Lab-Lover)

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THANK YOU AMANDA, from Kim Byrne (Lab-Lover)

Thank you for the very generous offer. I deeply appreciate it, as does my husband Tom. Can you please post the details as to how I go about taking you up on the offer of a cancellation without fees for early termination? are there other fees involved?    I would like to follow up with you on Monday first thing if that is possible, in case i have more questions? (I am on way to miami now and it is 2 hours away) again, I deeply appreciate it. I know my contract month or billing month ends next week, so we will work on this quickly. Please do not do anything concerning my service until I can contact you again. THANK YOU THANK YOU. Kim

Hi Kim

All you need to do is let me know when you want it cancelled (immediately or end of billing cycle). 

I will process the termination and waive the fees when you let me know. The day the service cancels (turns off), a box will be shipped to you with instructions to remove the leased HughesNet equipment as well as a pre-paid label. Leased equipment should be returned within 45 days to avoid unreturned equipment fees. 

We can hold off until Monday or whenever you decide. Let me know.