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Unsatisfied With service

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Re: Unsatisfied With service

@stevenoble wrote:

Forget the neighbor comments, that's beyond your ability to appreciate, I do have one question for you, do you feel that if they cannot provide their service they are still due the ETF?

Whether security cameras will work depends on a number of things, and them not working well with HughesNet doesn't mean HughesNet isn't providing you with service.  It just means it's not working for your desired activity.  When it comes to using specific devices, with security cameras being one of them, satellite internet can be fickle, and they may not always work properly.


With the information so far given, and I'm not asking for more due to the HughesNet reps in this support community not being able to help with business accounts anyway, the ETF would still be valid.  Only a HughesNet rep can make a determination as to whether an ETF can be waived, and it is only done under certain conditions, with one being an overall service issue that cannot be resolved after extensive troubleshooting.

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