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Re: call review

You have no record? This is no solution. You have not presented anything that constitutes a binding agreement. As I mentioned before, your representative stated there were no commitments verbally at the time the service was setup. There is no cause for an early termination. All I ask is to part ways immediately after I return your equipment before the end of the month.


Re: call review



Your initial sales call was over a year ago. This is very far outside of the timeframe in which we store these calls. At this time, the information I have provided in my private message to you has instructions on what to do next. In regards to binding agreements, the legal website that was linked to you on the thread has been publically available since before you signed up with an account. It is recommended to read the Terms and Conditions before signing a contract to avoid this situation. Because we are a paperless company, you are bound to the contract after you verbally agree to the Terms and Conditions on the phone and make your intital payment.