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Slow speeds

I have been a HughesNet customer for a long time.It was the ONLY internet service available at the time. I am experiencing very low speeds 0.4mbps on download and 1.5 mbps on uploads. I have tried to chat with support to no avail. I understood I was going to get 12-15 mbps I am nowhere close to that. Consumer Reports in their latest issue rated HughnesNet at the bottom of satelite internet providers. I am beginning to believe that to be true. Any suggestions on getting support? Now it will not let me post my remarks, interesting.

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To get tech support here, you will need to post under the Tech Support area.   


To have speed issues addressed in this community, first you will need to follow the procedure detailed here:


For more information on running these tests, check this page:


Be prepared to troubleshoot. 



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Kudo's 2U for such stamina. I have been with this for only almost 2 yrs and have clearly seen it is a way of life the standard not the exception. I once considered raising my plan to the top $ tier but then read a post and the guy said it made little difference. My theory after being a satellite consumer for over 25 yrs, is that they have $pread themselves to thin and so the more the merrier for business but not for the consumer. I have found every aspect of this HN service far inferior to all other competitors and look forward to going back to my former provider once my term is complete. 

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If you're so unhappy, Fed, you might want to consider just ending the contract. Just pay the ETF (which will be less than paying the monthly fee for the remainder of your contract) and don't look back.