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Invalid OpenID or Credentials


Re: Invalid OpenID or Credentials

Hi ctpowers,


We'll address Evelyn directly. As we are in the corporate office, we are privy to information that they may not be, which is the case in this situation. I've asked for an update and hope that I receive something today. I will try to keep you updated more often.


Thank you



Re: Invalid OpenID or Credentials



I just got an update that the mapping is complete and just checked it myself to verify there is indeed actual account information showing. Can you give it a look when you have time? Please do not attempt to delete any of your e-mail accounts while logged in, if you need something done for them please message me privately.


Thank you


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Re: Invalid OpenID or Credentials


I think you are the most wonderful person in the world right now!

yes, my account now shows proper info - problem of "Invalid OpenID or Credentials" is mostly solved!

However, there are two more things to fix. Is this a private message?

If not, please tell me how to send you a private message.

I thought I did as GabeU instructed for private, butit wasn't last time.

Thank you.


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Re: Invalid OpenID or Credentials

This is not a private message. To send one, click on the person's name, and then click "Send a Message." 

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Re: Invalid OpenID or Credentials



If you're replying to a private message that was previously sent to you, use the steps in the instructions that I laid out previously.  If you're writing a new message to someone, like maratsade stated, click on the person's name, then click "Send a message" on the upper right.  Then compose your message, including the message title and the message itself,  and click Send Message on the lower right.  


I just clicked on your name in one of the posts.  I then clicked "Send Message" on the upper right.






I actually sent the message to you.  You'll see that someone sent you a PM on the little envelope to the upper right.  Click on that envelope and click the title of the PM.  Then, if you wanted to reply, click "Reply", type the reply message, then click "Send Message" and I would receive your reply, being notified of it on the little envelope on the upper right.    


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