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New Gen 5 owner in Northern California (slow as molasses)

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New Gen 5 owner in Northern California (slow as molasses)

Hi, new Gen 5 owner in Northern Calfornia, near Sacramento up in the foothills.  Service installed yesterday.  Slow very slow speeds.  Called tech support at Hughes today and they said they will escalate the call to engineering which means another 2 to 3 business days before I get help.


Kind of stinks since it was just installed yesterday.


Anyway, last speed test I ran was 1.1Mbps down.  Sheesh.  


Went through over an hour call with Hughes today running tests and such just to prove I am getting slow speeds.  Then told have to wait until next week to get it looked at.


In case this can help....  I am pointed at:

Satellite NameEchoStar-19-NAD

Gateway ID8

Beam ID55

Outroute ID7


Thanks for the ear.




My repoint to ES17 is done.  Promising for sure.


As speeds can always go up and down on a whim, I will ride this for a week ro two before I say it is fixed for sure but apepars we should be good to go.


Before the installer came over I had a about 1Mbps down.... and after, they are 24 and 17Mbps so far.


What appears to have suffered in the switch back to ES17 is uploads so far.  I was getting better 2Mbps before the installer came over and now getting between 800K and 1Mbps.  I can live with that.  😉  


So... so far so good.  Thanks Hughes for getting things back on track.



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"Backup" is probably a bad term that I used. It's just a smaller capacity from the rest of those on beam 55 and 67, as well as with several others.

Whereas most of the beam's outroutes operate at a bandwidth of 246.75MHz and a symbol rate of 235Msps, these smaller outroutes operate at a bandwidth of 157.5MHz and 150Msps.

It's just a lesser capacity outroute even though it still has enough capacity for a host of users.
Just because it's of a lesser capacity it should have no effect on your personal performance.

Perhaps people are getting switched into it just to see if helps relieve some of the slowness issues that people are seeing, or to eliminate some other possible reason.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Well, if I was put on OUtbound 7 t see if it helped, It sure didn't... 

Thu Oct 12 2017 @ 9:48:23 pmDallas, TX USarrow25 MB1.08 Mbps 136 kB/s


THis morning, almost 21 mbps.. .BUT, it seems last night was faster than we've seen it in months, but at 1mbps, still not saying much... 


OK, WOW.. talk about timing... I got a call for a "survey" about how I was liking Hughesnet...  and i was from someone tat could get into my moden.... How strange, afer I've been on here complaining he last two days.. 


Turns out, I had 5.5gig of tokens I could not see anywhere that were hanging in limbo somewhere.. .so he applied them for me, and now they show...  Also found out I have an issue where I can't see any my data correctly a the myhughesnet usage page... .


AND, sure seemed interesting they knew about the Outbound ID when I asked about it, and also noted I was upset with the evening speeds of 1mbps and less.... 


And to top ot off, said he was dumping some logs from my modem, and maybe it could help.... um.. yeah..... ok.... If it is really only that simple.......... 


Anyone else having these slowness problems suddenly get a "survey" call?


Also note worthy.. I've gone from 20mbps this morning to about 9mbps after the discussion... 

Not sure if a fast blip or what but @Liz, around 2:45 here and I just had 3 tests that are running fast for download.  No idea if like yesterday this will hold but figured I would mention it.  30 to 40Mbps is out of the norm for me, ever... but if it can stick through all tonight, then that will be great.


Do you know if some changes just took place that would cause this?



Bummed. Back down to slow slow speeds. 8:45ish here. All 1Mbps to 2Mbps and almost non usable. Barely able to post this message as it keeps timing out my connection to this community.


The graph bar is now about flat-lined.  Smiley Tongue



Beam 55  Mt Ranch, Ca Fapped

Last nite I had to reboot, then got 1.3 Mbs before pages would not load.

This morning after 8:Am (FAP) very slow.

The data above the red line is after a modem reboot


 Gen 5 10.14.17 Morning Reboot.png


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Not concerning your issue, but testmy.  If you'd like to get rid of those test results that aren't yours (the ones in yellow), scroll to the bottom of the results table and click on "Exclude tests taken on your connection ID that are not logged under ecoalex", which is under the table on the left.  It's a very small, long button, right underneath "Displaying Internet Speed Test results for Username ecolex and Connection ID ...."  It gets rid if that "and Connection ID ...." so that it only shows the tests taken by you.  

Thanks 😉

@GabeU wrote:



Got excited this morning- mytest showed 28 MBS at 7:30, but then it went downhill form there all morning- now 2.1. Took three minutes for the forum page to load. By the way- did  you know that the cancellation fee for Gen 5 users is $900?

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@alacatr wrote:

By the way- did  you know that the cancellation fee for Gen 5 users is $900?

No, it isn't.  Residential accounts start at $400 for the first 90 days and decrease by $15 per month thereafter.  If the equipment was leased, the radio, modem and power pack must be returned, lest one be charged for this equipment.



You really need to talk to your customer service people then, because that is direct form the horses's mouth.

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They aren't "my customer service people."  I don't work for Hughesnet.    


The ETF I listed for residential accounts is correct, as is shown in the link provided.  


If you were told the ETF was $900 you were given incorrect information.  


Business accounts are different (especially business lease accounts).

Beam 55  Ranch, Ca


Below Red Line Before Modem Reboot

Gen5 Speed 10.15 5Pm..png

This was my second reboot today. Why do I have to reboot to get 1.7Mbs speed at best?

Would the reboot indicate something? I couldn't send email at 369Kps, the server timed out. My service is starting to be unpleasant.



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I think when you reboot it "refreshes" the connection or something, kind of like when you empty the cache on your computer.  I could be completely wrong about this, though.  I have noticed in the past when I had a slower speed that rebooting seemed to improve it a bit, at least for a while.  

Beam 55-

I had Gen5 for many months, with no troubles, now for the past 2 weeks troubles.

I didn't have to unplug/plug in the modem. Now it's 2x a day..

Something has changed for us on beam 55.

I use Linux, and never have to empty my chache.


I also had the FAP speed of 2.9 Mbs, now the best I get is 1.7.

Something has changed, I hope it is resolved soon.

I try to show my speeds and times, actions, to help, it appears the techs are stumpted so far.

Maybe a Beam 55 reboot would help?

Yes, it is a business account- altho how you can be expected to do business at these unpredictable speeds is beyond me- so the cancellation fee is $880.  Info was correct.

Hi folks,


A network adjustment on beam 55 was completed this morning. We have some customers informing our phone agents that they are seeing improved performance. Please let us know if you are also getting a noticebly improved experience.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

Slow performance? Click me!

Hi Liz 🙂

Beam 55 Mt Ranch, Ca

No improvement for me, my FAP speed used to be 2.8 , now 1.7Mbs

Worse this morning-


Gen5 Monday Am.png



the last couple of days been teased by fast during day, or at least decent, then night would come and wham, slow again.  But.... so far today, and it is about 7PM here, speeds are holding.


If they stay like this, I will be a happy camper.


Thanks for letting us know beam 55 was updated.


I will report if speeds stay steady for next week or so... then I will leave it be unless something happens.


I also note I am no longer on the outroute 7 but now 1.  


Maybe that is why I am getting along better?


Thanks for the help.



Today's ride- I had to reboot to get 1.37Mbs in the Am.

I had to reboot to get 1.4Mbs at 7:44 Pm.

2 reboots to get 1.37 we are fapped, but used to have 2.8 FAP speed Now 😞


What happened 2 weeks ago? What changed? is the question.


Gen5 8.12Pm .png


Ah bummed.... back to slow.  Last test 1.6Mbps down.  About 9PM.

Can't even perform an upload test.  Just goes forever.

Reset via admin app.

Will try a hard reboot soon.