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Slow download speeds upload is fine

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Slow download speeds upload is fine

I just got this internet. I work from home. This was supposed to be better than working off the T-Mobile Tower that I was using for home internet. Last week I lost internet completely for 2 hours. Hughes said everything was working fine on their end. Well it wasn't, I had no internet. I restarted the modem. Now this week starting on Monday, my internet download speeds are .82 download (at best) and 9.04 upload (at best) The modem has overheated 3 times. I moved it, restarted it, same problems. I am frustrated, this was supposed to be better. This is on all devices that are connected via wifi as well as my computer which is connected via ethernet. Any suggestions? I have only had this service a few weeks so there should not be any usage reasons.

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The first thing you need to do is run speed tests following a specific protocol, which you can find here:


Follow the instructions, then post the link to your My Results page.