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Very slow upload speed

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Very slow upload speed

New to Hughesnet. Business account. Download speed is 145 m. Upload is .25m (point two five) Causing major problems. Customer service says they see normal speed. After extended time on the phone over several days they say they can't diagnose the problem or beam a fix because it is cloudy. When asked why an overcast sky would cause problems with just the upload speed and any problems to begin with the response was "welcome to satellite internet"

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@kbrown6906 ,


This is not a service review site; it is an account and tech support site for residential subscribers. There are many sites out there where you can review the service. Try social media. 


If you need tech or account support,  call the business line at 800.347.3272, as the HughesNet reps on this site have very limited access to the business side. 


If Customer Service says they see normal speed, the issue then is with your side of the equation, and it may be related to many things, including your network configuration, browser add-ons, and other things.  


A simple overcast sky is unlikely to cause trouble, but very thick cloud cover can definitely scatter the signal. Hard rain, snow, ice, wind, and other conditions can also cause issues.  And this is not a "welcome to Hughesnet" issue, it's a "welcome to satellite internet" issue.  This is not terrestrial internet; satellite internet definitely has issues with atmospheric conditions, and this is just laws of physics.  The problem can be at your location, and sometimes at the location of the ground station, which is always in another state.  If your problem persists over several days, you should call the business account support number again. 


I suggest you read the subscriber agreement, which is available freely online. It provides a lot of information, such as service limitations, and also a grievance process.