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Why so rude?

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Re: Why so rude?

@Affialho1 wrote:

As I noted - condenscending and rude.    

Which it wasn't.  maratsade's initial reply was nothing but informational, though YOUR reply in return fits your description.


1.  Explained the purpose of this section.

2.  Explained what to do to get help.

3.  Explained what happens when you file a complaint.

4.  Wished you luck.  


@Affialho1 wrote:

If you read my note again, I did not ask for any assistance or support.

You posted in a SUPPORT section of the HughesNet SUPPORT Community.  


@Affialho1 wrote: 

If the Better Business is not a concern, why wasn't I able to post when I had their initials, the 3 Bs, on my previous post?

Most people automatically use the three initials, and because this is a SUPPORT Community and not a complaint/rant site, they've banned the ability to use them.  If you simply want to complain and/or make rude comments about people, please do it elsewhere and leave this SUPPORT Community for its intended purpose... SUPPORT.

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Re: Why so rude?

@Affialho1 wrote:
Was I supposed to trust your rude responses?

I personally find the lack of self-awareness of many (if not most) of the people that complain in this forum for not getting the specific answers they sought with the expected level of patronization is astounding. It reeks of self-righteous entitlement.


Did you ever think that after answering the same things over and over again to things that may be easily searched might be better served by simple, bland, terse, easy-to-read responses?

Did you ever look in the topic descriptions or the purpose of this board as a forum for customer-to-customer help doesn't mean that people are representing the company?

Did you ever think that there's a chance your perception of things might not quite match up to reality?

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.