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Account Balance showing $0 ??

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New Member

Account Balance showing $0 ??

I have been trying to pay my bill online but my account shows a $0 balance. it has always been due the 22nd of each month.
Christopher San
New Member

i hope you get it straightened , maybe they messed up and put some, else's money in your account!!! unknown  !!!!  but one of the  reps will contact you , for they read all of you post and mine as well in this post ,   have a great day , they open  9:AM. in the morning !!!!

Good morning boochips,

I was able to locate your account by the e-mail address you registered with and took a look into your account. I see that you have E-Check as your method of payment, which means that every 22nd of the month a payment is automatically taken from the account you've listed. I don't see notes, but I believe on 11/22/14 your account was changed from Invoice to E-Check.

The bill for 1/22/15 should have already been posted to your bank account as I am showing there is no balance due at this moment. If any of this is incorrect, please let me know.

Thank you,
Honorary Alumnus

Hopefully she didn't get caught up in this little "thing".

It sure would be nice to see Hughes change this to a "opt in" rather than the deceptive "gotcha" on the weekly "Billing System Updates".

This tactic is unsavory at best.

New Member

Ummmm I bet I did because i didn't ever even see that little box.......for shame Hughesnet for shame....I don't want to auto pay....

Hi boochips,

You can change your payment type from auto-pay by calling us at 1-866-347-3292. 

Jonathan Taylor
New Member

I really am getting so tired of this Satellite system as it is not letting me do 1/2 the stuff I use to do on my cable and yet it costs me more to have it.

You want me to call you except I live at the Lake and I have poor service 99% of the time.

I am a DAV Veteran so I seldom make it into town and I have to continue to hit REFRESH and RELOAD so it freakin eats up the MB's that you bill me for.

Now today I called and used my Tokens to gain access but still I have no FREAKIN clue why you have no shown my Auto Payment in your system????

Did you all have a wonderful PIZZA PARTY?

Just like the Government, fast to take the Money and Slow to give good service.

BOHICA!!  Don't you just love it??? 

Christopher San
New Member

Jonathan Taylor , i am part of the community forum, but like you am a paying  just like you, just wanted you to know i'm a DAV, the same as you and the reason i'm giving you a heads up , just in case you do not already know it that you are eligible for a discount as long as you notify accounting department and all it took was asking if they had a discount for us ,, DAV ,and they said yes  and was given that on the  plus several other perks on the spot , now about your issue's   tell all your information on your problems an maybe one of the community members or Hughes-Net REP.  can help you out in all your problems . you have a great day !!
Jonathan Taylor
New Member

I have a problem with a Service that can not make good on their product to give quality and affordable satisfaction to the customer.

I have called in to report my problems as it has no regular date or time that it occurs.

I tend to call it the white out screen of death.

I watch the pretty blue lights flashing on the vertical tree, as my hard drive is making noise and yet on the white screen I can't even see the eyes of the polar bear as it walks across the artic snow on my screen.  Or maybe it is not snow and a pretty picture of a Polar Bear walking across the screen?

I can hit reload and the screen will flash I will see the pretty Internet boarder come up again and again but the screen inside  it is still all white..  Oh wait what is this a spinning disk in the middle of my screen...  Oh cool now I get to watch a UFO.  Hmm is it taking off or landing?  I wonder if area 51 knows about this one?

Well now I am getting pissed so I guess I will just shut this internet down and write another letter to my Congressman as I keep fighting also with the VA Administration as they have me as only partially Disabled and yet Social Security has me at 100%.

It has only been 4 years of fighting the VA over this as I was forced to retire prior to reaching my 30 year goal.  I was in uniform when I was injured and taken to the ER as a Hospital.  It was a Uniform that they cut off from me as they did not allow me to remove it or my boot prior to them removing them from my leg that was bleeding from a very bad gash in my leg.

I wore a cast on my leg and had a NO DUTY SLIP for about 2 months.

Yet the VA looked at my claim and reported they could not find any SERVICE Connected Injury in my records.

So after 4 Congressional Investigations they finally said Yes we did find a few things wrong and so I am now only Partially Disabled and they are only handing me some sugar candy every month as a small token of my generous commitment to duty and honor for giving over 28 years of my life to a Uniform in Service to my country.

NOW Why did I just say all of this extra mumbo jumbo?

Simple: I understand Commitment, Honor, Respect, Endurance, and Selfless Service as these are the Values of a Military Member of the United States Military.  With out US you would be speaking German right now and fearing a group call the Gestapo and Secret Service (well maybe we still worry some about the secret service) but you have freedoms to let you look and read statements like this on a computer network across a vast network on the Internet pathways.

But I still live in a beat up old Trailer that gives me a roof over my head and keeps me dry, and the only excitement I have is looking at the internet everyday writing letters to people and researching why so many of my Comrades in Arms are suffering when we should be getting better treatment from our Government.

But right now my life line to the world is on this Satellite Internet Service and I get less than Great Service and I get less than Good Quality responses to my problems of NO SERVICE or SERVICE INTERUPTIONS and it is not due to weather.

Well I am waiting on the DAV van to take me to the VA Hospital again because well that is one of the great things in my life I look forward to these days.  I get a chance to get away from this little hole in the world I call a "Living Hell" and can enjoy real running water and drinkable water from a faucet.

I can even ask the driver to go by a drive thru and I don't have to endure the pain of walking thru the doors and attempting to make a food order.

Although it is nice at times to go inside some of these places as they have a real working toilet that flushes.  It is really amazing to know some people have all these great things in life.

Yet I gave 28 years of my life, and traveled the world and was placed in harms way many times and I never complained as it was my job and I raised my hand and volunteered to do this.

But I NEVER thought when it was all over, I would be struggling just to continue to exist in a trailer living by a lake with solar panels and wind turbines for electrical power and collecting utility water in a kids swimming pool, and not a drop to drink.  NO Phone Service 1/2 the time, and NO Internet Service about 1/4 of the time and being billed for each time I hit refresh or reload and use up my allowance of 10GB to watch a Polar Bear hunting for Seals under the snow and Ice.

Oh wait that Polar Bear must have got on that UFO and they must be sitting there while the scan him to see what makes him a Bear.

Well there is the Horn so time for me to leave, as I put on my braces and turn up the voltage on my TENs Unit and grab my forearm crutches I guess I will turn this off and save my electrical power and let my Solar Batteries charge back up.  I might need some light later tonight.

God Bless everyone and I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend...

At least something I did in my life was good for something, your still safe and enjoying your freedoms every day!

Now you can forget you read my message... It was just another lonely guy out there that once upon a time I felt what I was doing what important!

Jonathan Taylor

Retired US Military DAV Veteran

Honorary Alumnus


Speaking as an 11 year Hughes subscriber, the systems usually run pretty good ... usually.

When they don't, the first place to look is inside the modem itself ... the SCC (System Control Center) found by entering in your browsers address bar.

That will bring up the "main page" of the system. Mine (Gen4 HT1100) looks like this:

That page gives me a quick "snapshot" as to some key parameters:

Are both the icons marked as #'s 1&2 both green ?

Am I in FAP ?

That is the place to begin.

Remember, if you post a screenshot here on the Community, be sure to edit out your SAN (starts with DSSxxxxxxx)

Jonathan Taylor
New Member

Thank you for your comment "Gwalk900" I looked at what you had stated and then returned a call back to Hughes Net and they have changed my plan.  Again Thank you!!
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