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We moved to an area in May that didn't have any options other than Hughesnet. My wife works from home and the service is so bad that she is unable to do all the task for her job. We had to eventually get a hotspot through our cellular provider because it was a little better than our Hughesnet service so that she could at least get her work completed in a timely manner but still very slow. We have also been using hotspots for our kids to do homework. We can barely watch anything streaming without constantly buffering. We also upgraded to the Fusion but it's not any better. Fiber was just ran through our area and we will be getting it so this issue will be corrected. I'm just wondering if cancellation fees can be waived in this situation or lowered because we just don't have a lot of extra money to pay that high of fee right now. 


Thank you 

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Hopefully one of the community moderators will get back to you today; if not, they will likely get back to you next week.  The phone reps are on 24/7, so if you can't wait, you might want to ring them up (866-347-3292).

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We have a similar situation and I’ve called multiple times to do troubleshooting and it only works for a day or two afterwards and then goes right back to not loading anything. I specifically asked when I got the internet if it would be able to run all our devices multiple times and was told it would only to be told after I had been paying for it that the plan I have won’t work and I need to upgrade. It ridiculous and I’m tired of being on the phone for hours with customer service 

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For more visibility and for mod response, start your own thread, either under myAccount and Billing or under Tech Support. Just click the Start a Topic button and provide a detailed explanation of the issues. The mods will likely respond next week. 




Thank you for reaching out to us and I am sorry to hear this. I apologize for the delay in response as we were closed over the weekend. Please private message me the phone number associated with your account and we can begin troubleshooting this issue. You can send a private message to me by clicking this link . As far as reducing your termination fee, you can do this during your cancelation call if you decide to cancel.  -Damian