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Data Tokens Gone at Start of Billing Cycle

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Data Tokens Gone at Start of Billing Cycle

On November 19, 2022 (last day of billing cycle) Data Tokens Remaining was at 63.23 GB. On November 20th Data Tokens Remaining was at ZERO.  I called Tech Support on 12/9/22 and the agent said an engineer will look at it and get back to me.  Never heard back.  A few days later my account had 2.6 GB of Data Tokens.  I called again and agent kept saying I used up the Data Tokens.  I'm on a 50 GB/month plan and only once did I exceed that by 1-2 GB.  There's no way I burned 62 GB on Data Tokens in 1 day!




Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I can definitely look into this for you. Please private message me the phone number associated with your account so I can locate you in the system and begin. You can send me a private message by clicking this link . -Damian 

PM sent, I hope (hung waiting for at least 10 minutes?!?).



I received your PM and thank you for providing me with this information. Give me a moment to investigate both the status of the escalated case and hopefully the cause of this issue. -Damian 



Thank you for your patience. I was able to find cases related to this issue but no official escalation. Instead it seems like a regular call back was scheduled but doesn't show confirmation of that call being attempted. I do apologize on behalf of the agent you spoke with for that. When it comes to this issue, because this it took place 4 months ago, we are not able to see the exact device that may have used the most data on your plan or exactly how much. We are normally only able to see a real detailed view of 1 month back. It currently shows that you have 27GB of Data Tokens left right now and 47.8 GB left of your regular plan data left is this what you can see on your side as well?  I am thinking maybe there was an error on the site when you checked and it did not load the information properly. Since we cannot see the detailed usage from that long ago, all we can do now is keep an eye on it and catch it in the same month. If you would like to re-escalate this case again you certainly can by calling our support number.  -Damian

Thanks for looking into this.  That's unfortunate you were not able to find the escalation.  I suppose it's on me for not following up sooner.  Four feet of snow, power outages, flooding, and other distractions are my only excuse (besides not making this a priority).  Your thinking there might have been an error on the site/system sounds right.  There are quite a few other customers having or had the same problem around the same time of my issue.  BTW - I just purchased 25GB of data tokens about 2 weeks ago, which is why I have 27Gb.


You know? I have been with Hughes for five years and have taken advantage of their Token promotions a number of times with no problems ever. The first of this year I switched to the 50 g plan. The spring promotion came up and I have gotten free tokens before, but for the first time, this year, I have yet to see the tokens applied. They usually appear in about five days, it has been 8 days, even if I subtract 2 days for the weekend, that is 6  business days. It looks like I won't be getting them, I wonder if it has something to do with problems with the 50g plan.

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I have the 50GB plan and have never had a problem with tokens.  The reps on this site can check your account and see what happened, and they can also apply the tokens. Just give them some time to check into this. 

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It might be beneficial to start your own topic about this issue to ensure the reps see it to help. Posting on a topic that's over a month old may not get their attention. 


To note, hopefully you'll hear something from them today, but being that it can take them a working day to reply, it may not be until Monday that you see one. Again though, I would start your own topic.

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Good advice.  Maybe the mods will lock this thread, since it's old.