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Feeling duped: horrible internet

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Feeling duped: horrible internet

I was looking for Spectrum internet, and on the website I called to learn more information about their $49.99 internet plan with 300mps. The lady on the other end said that plan was not available at my address even though the zip code confirmed it was in the area. 
I took her at her word- still believing I was talking to someone from Spectrum- and asked for the basic plan that would give me 300mps of internet. She said all they could offer for my home was a high-speed service but for $64.98. She said that’s “what all your neighbors have been using”. I believed her, and agreed. 
She talked SO fast and her accent made it difficult for me to understand as such a rate of speech, I had to stop her several times to ask her to repeat something. 
Long story short, I agreed to the plan and she said a Hughes Internet representative would come out to establish internet. I should have stopped right there, but I believed that since I called Spectrum, she was using a local service to set up my internet. The very last rapid-pace speech she gave said I’d pay 12 months of $64.98, then do to standard rates from month 13-24. I had NOT agreed to that kind of a contract, but didn’t ask if there was a grace-period in the beginning. Again, I had been led to believe I was getting high-speed internet, and we plan on living here a while so 24 months isn’t a big deal. 
technician comes out and it’s another $50 to install the dish (I had no idea I was getting a dish. That was news to me on his arrival, no one had said anything). 
Now, I have one device connected to WiFi. My phone. That’s it! And social media barely loads. Websites lag. Videos buffer. And I’m currently 10 feet away from the modem. 
Horrible internet speeds and I want out of this service, without termination fees. 

would a rep help me here please?

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Give the reps here a chance to look into your account and see what went on and let you know about next steps.  They might ask you to send them additional information, and if they need that they will give you a link to a private messaging page where you can exchange information with them.  Be patient, as it may take them some time to track the transaction, especially if it was done through a 3rd party. 




Thanks for reaching out! I see this is your first post here. Welcome to the Community! We'd love to help take a look into this for you, but I wasn't to locate your account through your Community profile. Please send us a private message at the link provided below with your account number or a phone number attached, and we can take a deeper dive into this for you!