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Here's an Idea for Upper Management


Re: Here's an Idea for Upper Management

MzLiz- Your suggestion is worthwhile.  Let me see if I can
provide some corporate insight.   One of the best advantages
to online Communities is the objective feedback that customers
offer each other in posts exchanges.  Frequently, customers
come to post only complaints without caring to heed the good,
learned advice of our long time customers.  Satellite internet
is different in many respects than cable and DSL.  Customers
that don't understand the true difference may come into the
Community with "guns a blazing", dismissing sound advice. 
That's tough to take on a regular basis. Now, that being
said, your post will alert us to watch for too aggressive
responses going forward.  
Assistant Professor

Re: Here's an Idea for Upper Management

I have to add, it is very hard for me to bite my tongue when someone starts lobbying for a class action lawsuit here. What other company allows that sort of thing on their site?

I will admit to being a bit short and even condescending to a few when they come in "guns a blazing" as Katie said. I do try to stay with facts though when I do get a bit irritated and try not resort to name calling. I will use the "troll" word though if the shoe fits.

I felt obligated to reply since my screen name was hijacked and was mentioned here.
Honorary Alumnus

Re: Here's an Idea for Upper Management

I too get a little frustrated at times ... but then I think back to how confusing all of the twists, turns and details were for myself as a new user.

I can understand anger and frustration. What I can't understand is a user continuing to drop "seagull" posts while refusing to do basic troubleshooting.

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Re: Here's an Idea for Upper Management

Well thanks katie I guess.
Often times it's not what you say but how you say it..There's a way to offer advice and interact with customers without being "aggressive" aka "rude and arrogant" and most customers (especially myself) won't put up with that and rightly so..It's one of the main reasons why I make my threads private if and when I need answers/help about my service.