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Question to a Worker/Representative about Cancellation...

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Question to a Worker/Representative about Cancellation...

I'm thinking of getting rid of this internet. Again, I said 'thinking'. So I would like to ask someone who works for HughesNet to take a look at my account and specifically state how much I would owe in total. I get the '400 plus knock down 15 each month after...' stuff but I would like someone working there to let me know on the specific total/conversation/etc. And please with all due respect, no comments from any 'fellow customers'. I specifically would like to talk to a representative/someone who works for the company. I am asking here first since (with all due respect) phone calls result in speaking with folks whose first language is not English (thus making it difficult to understand what they are saying). Again I mean no offense in that, it's just what has happened in the past. I don't even specifically remember when I started this. I thought it was around March of 2018 thus the 2 years would put up this year but apparently that's not the case. Also thought each month it was $49.99 for the plan (plus I know, some taxes) but I guess taxes are $17 extra each time it's been $67 each month for the past long while? Anyway, please have a someone contact me via here or email me or etc. as soon as possible with the specific total IF i did cancel this month, aka what all would specifically be owed. Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for reaching out. If you were to cancel now during this billing cycle, your ETF is $295.




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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The following is about something other than the ETF, which you asked for only a rep to reply to.  


Regarding your bill, unless you purchased your equipment at the beginning there is a $14.99 per month lease fee.  So, if you lease, your monthly pre tax sub total would be $64.98 ($49.99 + $14.99).  


For additional info, you can see your bill breakdown on the HughesNet MyAccount site.  After signing into that site, hover your pointer over "My Account" header and click on the "My Bill" option.  On that page you can click on either your Current Invoice** or any of your past invoices in the "Invoice History", which will open a pop up window.  If you scroll down while viewing an individual invoice you should see a few different clickable options on the left.  Each one of those will give you a further breakdown of the charge on that line.   


Also, on the right hand side of the "Account Summary" box on an invoice, you can see a "Customer Since :" line.  This line will tell you when you first started your HughesNet service, or more precisely, the day you became an active HughesNet customer.  I gave that clarification primarily for others who read this thread, as that line does not give one's current service start date if they upgraded to Gen5 from a prior service type (Gen4 or older).  e.g. I upgraded to Gen5 (from Gen4) at the end of March of 2017, but my original HughesNet service start date was Dec 2nd, 2004, the latter of which is showing on that line.   


** My Current Invoice is giving me an error while trying to view it, but the past invoices in the Invoice History are opening without issue.  It's likely that the Current Invoice problem is temporary.