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Better Options Out there!

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Better Options Out there!

Do your homework! This service gets very expensive very QUICKLY! We found the new ATT black box is a great solution for rural internet. As long as you get at least 2 bars on your cell phone, that ATT box will work and produce WIFI throughout your house. And, the best part.... 250GB for UNDER WHAT HUGHSNET charges a month!!!! Yes, that is correct.

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Re: Better Options Out there!

Except, most people with Hughesnet traditionally don't have access to such networks, but, I don't see any $250GB option for under $100 a month.

I see 25GB for $60/month, or 50GB for $100/month.

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Re: Better Options Out there!

Say what? I have AT&T 4G LTE and although it is nice most of the time, never seen a 250 GB plan less than HughesNet. Other than the DirecTV bundled plan which is still not really unlimited ( 22 GB  then throttled) and I'm not tying myself to another third party in the mix.


So, where is this 250 GB plan you speak of?

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Re: Better Options Out there!




Promoting another company's offer violates the Community Terms of Service.  @Liz @Aedan @Amanda

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Re: Better Options Out there!

Thanks for the heads up, Gabe.


I'm just going to lock this thread since I do agree that people should thoroughly do their research before diving into a 2-year contract.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.