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Went to the hospital  Tuesday  as the pain went through the roof.

Poked, prodded, x-ray, two CAT scans and an MRI

Cancer in one lung ... and then the bad news.

Cancer on my vertebraes. Eating into the bone surfaces and pushing against the spinal cord.

They removed the mass. Had to remove damaged bone  in a number of places so that rods and plates could be added to strengthen  the spine.

They were monitoring  spinal signals.they lost them.

I am unable to feel my legs, feet, am unable to walk. They said it could come back in 72 hours but they didn't seem real positive.

There are more smaller spots on the spine and the lung of course but if the legs don't come I don't see the point of further treatment.

It's been a good run.



Re: Cancer

GWalk, thank you so much for telling us.  I don't even know what to say, but I want you to know you're in my thoughts.


Re: Cancer

I am so sorry to read this Greg. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I sure hope you get the feeling back in your legs so you can continue to fight the nasty cancer.

Assistant Professor

Re: Cancer

So sad to hear this Greg. Hoping for the best possible outcome. 


Sure makes the problems here seem quite small and insignificant really.


Re: Cancer



Don't give up on the fight... We will be here for you like you have always been for us.




Re: Cancer

I can't even find the words to type. I just want to give you a really long hug, Gwalk. Smiley Sad


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Re: Cancer


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Re: Cancer

I'm sorry to hear this, Greg, but please don't give up hope.  Sometimes our bodies can do things that are seemingly miraculous. 


I hope that your tomorrow is a better day. 


Cancer sucks.  Smiley Sad  



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Re: Cancer

Sorry to hear.... Stay strong..

Honorary Alumnus

Re: Cancer

Some possible  improvement. If I look  at my foot  and think of moving  my toes, they move. No control, no feedback  and very tiring.

Still, it's something.