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New Customer, HUGE MISTAKE

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New Customer, HUGE MISTAKE

I’m a single father with four kids, their mom just passed away, I have my hands full and can’t afford to spend all day fixing your problems Hughes. I had problems with the last Internet service provider that I’ve been using for five years just recently the problem being customer service. This was a mom and pop company so I thought to my self, maybe I should go to the larger company that has more employees they could assist me…. The absolute biggest mistake of my life!! How on earth is a company this large able to scam so many people? And when I say scam yes, it’s a scam. Here’s why… I just got service installed two days ago. I still have no Internet! When the technician was out here, who by the way, was the nicest guy and did a very good job, he said everything looks good and left. I wondered why he was rushed! He probably knew! So I got on my laptop to start some work and nothing. I called customer service and they said that there was an issue that the technicians were working on. Are you kidding me? I should check it tomorrow morning and then call back. What!!!!? I got online in the morning and nothing. I was told to use the app to get in contact with tech support it’s easy…


Nope!!! Not one thing is easy with this company, except getting screwed over! 


So I contacted tech-support. We stayed on the phone for about 30 minutes and trying to run test nothing. What’s funny is they want you to run their test and no one else’s test, so when I get on the app on my phone and run a test it’s just perfect. I got green checkmarks, but then when I try to pull up a webpage, nothing. So he is recommending that I go to the next level of tech-support. “I’m sorry sir someone will get in contact with you in 24 to 48 hours.”


Dumbfounded at this! Oh and you better be prepared to sit by your phone for 48 hours because if you miss the call, they give you a return call number that is 866-855-2275… yeah it’s a fax number. Why, because they have so many problems the phone line will be overloaded with people calling them. Why give a phone number to call back if it doesn’t work? It’s a scam.

So out of frustration I called it and asked to cancel my service and I was asked a couple of times if I would agree to let TECH SUPPORT FIX THE PROBLEM FIRST! Why five minutes after I agreed to do this I get this text my service has been scheduled for cancellation. Scheduled?


Get this, it’s after the 30 day mark. Not surprised one bit! 

Listen, I’m not going to do the work for your tech-support. It’s your job. This is an issue. I’m not going to sit around all day running test and uploading crap. The installer was in my home, disrupted my entire day and said the We are good to go! I’ll let you in on  a little secret, when he walked out of my door I should’ve been good to go. Anything other than good to go? It’s a scam and a lie. Twist the words, however, you want to you screwed me over. From the initial phone call I was lied to. You were dishonest about the service speeds, dishonest about  the availability, dishonest about the customer support that’s supposed that will be there for you. I’m not that way, believe me when I say I refuse to be dishonest on social media in letting everyone know how you are screwing hard working families and this single father out of what little money we have. 

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If you're looking for help, please start a new topic in the Tech Support section. And I'd advise leaving the rhetoric at the door. A problem with your service does not mean it's a scam. SMH.


If you're just looking rant and make ridiculous claims and accusations, social media is that way. -------->>>>

Well I feel this person has or feels that he has valid complaints.  Is there any way to help instead of telling him to go to social media and tell the world his problems with Hughes?  Ive read several comments and this is your go to statement.  This is a community board and maybe someone here can help him feel better about the service rather than things you are presuming.


You might be correct, however, we've usually found in cases like this that people don't really want help. They just want to vent at anyone or anything and drop it anywhere they want to, and be toxic like they can on Twitter or Facebook... These kinds of posts are frowned upon here, hence the recommendation.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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@tlesterlpn69 wrote:

Well I feel this person has or feels that he has valid complaints.  Is there any way to help instead of telling him to go to social media and tell the world his problems with Hughes?  

Guess you missed the first sentence of my reply. 


"If you're looking for help, please start a new topic in the Tech Support section."