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Well, it happened...

Re: Well, it happened...

"DVR recordings are legal under copyright law's fair use doctrine, and the courts have consistently upheld this doctrine."

  I hope it stays that way, but looking at the history of the music file sharers, I have my doubts, 


  Also it seems that you can't make a copy and give it to somebody.


From First Circuit Court, Sony BMG Music Entertainment v Tenebaum:


"Although the First Circuit Court, in its opinion, recommends Congress to reanalyze its copyright laws





"Peer-to-peer file sharing of copyrighted works by individuals for the purpose of "enjoyment" is not fair use."




  Did I just accidentally stumble into a legal forum?  Smiley Embarassed)>




Re: Well, it happened...

/me woke up just to say:

something something USENET search engine something something

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Re: Well, it happened...

  • File sharing violates copyright.
  • Fair use does not apply to file sharing, and is not a copyright violation. 
  • Fair use provides for a copy for personal use, such as that obtained via a DVR or the old VCRs (or in the case of print media, photocopying)   
  • When the user shares the file, fair use no longer applies. 
  • The suggested reforms to copyright law will likely not impact fair use negatively. 
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Re: Well, it happened...

I need to relax.  This month I used more than four times the data I normally use.  Smiley Surprised  



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