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   I have followed the course of the **bleep** bug here with some amusement. So far it has only effected me one time when I mentioned the name of a German political party that existed during WWII, and **bleep** **bleep**ity **bleep** **bleep** **bleep**! After all, this is just satel**bleep** **bleep**ernet and we shouldn't take it all too **bleep**iously. Oh **bleep**, it's starting to **bleep** syllables now as well as whole **bleep**s! You know, my posts seem to actually make more sense with all those **bleep**s. Oh well, as the Road Runner always says to Wile Coyote **bleep** **bleep**!

New Poster

Well you are certainly a breath of fresh air, compared to the billing people on hughes that i have talked to yesterday and today,  

They seem to change their answers everytime i try to talk to them.  and than don't want to talk to me by saying their system is down.  convenient since i was

able to send a payment in with no problems.  So yes i am a senior citizen and so am saying Bleep, Bleep to what i am going through today.

  What's up doc?


  Well, the whole thing was meant as a corny joke, but It's really kind of sad to see another media company try to censor its users, because it looks to me like the **bleep**  bug was caused by a ham handed attempt at censorship.  Don't get me wrong, IMO profanity has no place here,  but to **beep** out the name of a old German political party seems excessive to me.  Oh well, their board, their rules.


  Anytime I have to deal with these companies robo-answering systems,  I feel like strangling the telephone.  Unfortunately some of their web sites are dysfunctional also.    This site works, and there is a myAccount and Billing section available.  Most of the people around here are also helpful and nice.   


  Thanks for your kind remarks, but I'll warn you that I'm not very popular with the old hands and management around here.


  BTW I'm few weeks away from 73.

I'm pretty sure it's to cut down on political statements, potentially offensive tropes, as well as other offensive labels where people appear 'heavy handed'.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
Distinguished Professor IV

It's a privately owned site -- they can censor whatever they want. 

  Like I said before, their board, their rules.   

Distinguished Professor IV

Cussing and trolling are not PC; they're tacky, low class,  and ill-mannered, especially in public.  Maybe they're trying to control the bleeping bleeps who seem to delight in this type of ill-bred behaviour. 

    I agree!  Like I said before their board, their rules.  I can't help it if I laugh at them when they become too PC though.