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Data usage went from about 90 GBs a month to over 300 and usage has actually reduced so whats up?

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Data usage went from about 90 GBs a month to over 300 and usage has actually reduced so whats up?

For the last three months, service has been extremely crappy because Hughesnet is stating that as one person, who doesnt stream tv and only uses their laptop, is using 387 GB a month. I have called and escalated this issue several times and they just keep telling me its me using the internet. I continuously change the password, make sure that while I am gone 10 hours a day that my house is locked and that no one can come in and use my internet so this does not make any sense to me.


Is anyone else having this happen? Seems like this started shortly after the new Jupiter satellites went up. What can I do to monitor my own usage since Hughesnet cannot provide me with a detailed report of what is using all of this supposed data. Getting very agitated with this problem. 

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This is a very frustrating problem, and your agitation is understandable. 


Hughesnet sells you data; it doesn't use your data. Something on your side is using data, and it's up to you to figure it out; this isn't something the ISP can do. What things do you have connected to your wifi? Do you have smart appliances? Do you have a TV connected to the internet?


Next time when you leave the house, unplug the modem. There will be zero data usage while the modem is unplugged. You can unplug it when you go to sleep too.  No electricity to the modem = no data usage.  One thing to keep in mind with this is that when you check the data again, you may see data usage: that will be the number from when you turned off the modem, not new data usage. 


You can install the free Glasswire software on any Windows or Android devices that you have to see what's using data. But if the data is being used by smart devices (TVs or other), you won't see that on Glasswire, which means this is limited, but may give you some idea. Many things update themselves and that uses data. 


Here is more information about testing for data leaks: