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Hidden Network


Re: Hidden Network

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Yes the signal is coming from your HT2000w...  You wont be able to connect to that signal, and the signal is disabled if you disable the Wifi on the modem.  

It's kind of like the USB port on the back of the HT1100... It's there for "future use", but, we have no idea when or if that future will ever come. Smiley Happy

Thank you CORROSIVE! I have my SSIDs broadcasting, so I knew it wasn't anything to do with that. The signal is so strong that I knew it wasn't a neighbor.


I read something about some providers creating a hidden network to speed up the wifi, or something like that.


Thanks again for solving my mystery hidden network!

I have the same 'hidden network' that just began showing up everytime I turn on my hughesnet modem/router.  I'm not fine with this explanation.  I have been on the phone with tech support for hours and they just keep saying they can't help me because they can't see the hidden network on their end. 


I want it gone!  It wasn't there 3 days ago and I want it gone now.  I'm sensitive to wifi signals so I have turned all but 1 of the 2.4g wifi connections off in my modem's administrative area.  I am not able to access or turn off the hidden network.  I don't want it broadcasting through my home for 'future use'.  That is not okay with me and I will report Hughesnet to the Federal Communications Commissioin if it doesn't get turned off very soon!

I finally got someone at Hughesnet to admit that this hidden network was put on my modem by them in a recent update and that it can not be removed...  I didn't agree to have this hidden network that I am not in contol of to transmit through my house when I signed up for service!  I want it turned off or I want my service cancelled with no penalty at all.

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Re: Hidden Network

Sorry, but that's not going to happen.  The hidden network does nothing currently aside from broadcast.  If you don't like it, you can disable the wifi on your HT2000w entirely and use your own wifi access point.

What you are asking is almost like when the HT1000 was replaced with the HT1100 if the unit failed, the HT1100 had a new potential feature which was a USB port, yeup, end those contracts over nothing! lol

That aside, Hughesnet conforms to all F.C.C requirements, otherwise there wouldn't be, ya know, an F.C.C sticker on the unit.

BTW, Pro-tip, electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not a medical diagnosis, it's a self diagnosis, meaning it's not recognized by anyone, including the F.C.C.  If you knew how many signals passed through your body, you would realize that much.

Your electrical meter?  Most likely part of a mesh wifi network.
Your local TV stations? Yeup, they broadcast some pretty strong signals.
All those satellites in space? Yeup, they flood the ground in radio signals.

Re: Hidden Network

Just to make note....  I currently have ALL WiFi radios TURNED OFF in my HughesNet modem (always have).   The HiddenNetwork is still being Broadcasted.  So it seams like there is no way to get it to NOT show at all.


I attempted to connect to it by typing my HughesNet modem SSID and Password and it would not connect.  I tried to connect to it using my own router's SSID and Password and it did connect....  Humm  very strange.


Re: Hidden Network

Hello everyone,


I will try to get you more information on this and see exactly what is going on regarding this third SSID appearing. I appreciate everyones input.




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Re: Hidden Network



Just to be clear, these two checkboxes are unchecked for you?


Untitled.jpgI think the other settings (SSID Enable, SSID Broadcast) found elsewhere don't necessarily turn off the wifi radios, they just disable the individual channels and/or hide the SSID from discovery; not neccesarily turn off the actual radio itself.


Again, not saying this isn't the case, just want to make sure we're all on the same page.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Re: Hidden Network

I have the check boxes next to SSID Enable unchecked.  My modem shows State Code 14.2.3 - Both WiFi Radios are off.   So I figured thats all that needed to be done.   The SSID's do not show up as available networks on any of my devices.    


I will uncheck the other boxes as well. 

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Re: Hidden Network



I have the two checkboxes for each of the four radios, 2.4Ghz and Guest and 5Ghz and Guest, unchecked.  I show "State Code of 14.2.3 -- Both WiFi radios are off," like wildcats198308.  


With that said, I had no idea there were two other radio checkboxes.  I'm leaving them checked, as having the two boxes on each of the other four radios unchecked keeps my devices from seeing any of the radios.  I did recheck the boxes normally used, then uncheck the two boxes shown in the advanced section, and it gave the same state code.  I think either way turns off the radios, but it one utilizes all four of the radios, or any combination of them, then having only those two boxes to mess with would be easier.  


It's interesting that unchecking the radio in one place doesn't uncheck in the other, as it gives the same result.  That could be a bit confusing when trying to determine someone's WiFi issues, as everything could look fine on the Home Page, but be unchecked in the Advanced page.  With that said, if one goes into the individual radio in the Advanced page and unchecks the boxes, it DOES uncheck them on the Home page, and vice versa, but, again, not on the main Advanced Wireless page.   


I sure am glad that I only ever use the 2.4Ghz main radio (not guest), and only have to turn that on/off when needed, with both check boxes on the other three being off all the time.  I'll leave the two boxes on the Advanced Wireless page checked.  


It makes me think of houses that have two switches for one light, like one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom.  And if they're both dimmers, that's even more fun!  Smiley Tongue 

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Re: Hidden Network

I uncheck the two boxes in Advanced Setup and the Hidden Network still showed, I restarted my Laptop and it wasnt showing.  I went back in and checked the 2 boxes and the Hidden Network showed up again right away.  Then I unchecked them again and restarted my Laptop and it was still showing.   But it does not come up on my tablets.   Kinda strange it wasnt showing one time then the next it did.  Maybe I didnt wait long enough for it to show up the first time.   


I dont see any problem with it showing really as long as no one is able to connect to it.   Which when I tried you need to know and manually type the SSID plus know the passcode for the network to connect to it.  So its just as secure as any other network.

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Re: Hidden Network




I should have added that I have yet to receive the updated software, so I'm not seeing the hidden network at this time.  My modem is still using, though I'm sure the update will be coming to my gateway soon.  

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Re: Hidden Network

My software versions are...


Application Software

Fallback Software

WiFi Software   0.09.22


With my Fallback being  I guess thats the last version that was installed.  So I guess my modem skipped