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NEW email Problem!

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NEW email Problem!

I can NOT send email from either Outlook, nor Macintosh mail, nor iPhone nor iPad.  I can receive email just fine.  It appears that all of my email clients are suddenly unable to log into the outgoing server.  I believe something has gone wrong with the outgoing email server.  It does not accept a login from my email clients.  I have been a Hughesnet user for over 20 years.  This seems to happen every year in December.  Is some key tech support person on leave?


I NEED my email.  Would someone from Tech support please respond?  I posted this complaint yesterday and nobody responded.


Tech support please respond ASAP.


Robert Oder

Temecula CA


Hi @armadillocj a ticket was opened on 12/19/23 with Microsoft to correct their spam blacklist record by our email vendor. I am checking in with them now on the status and will provide the update when they reply.



Thank you

Hi armadillocj,


Looks like the last 72 hours have been clear of any bounces. Are you still having trouble? 




Hi Amanda,


I was also having trouble sending emails.  Your last post ( ticket was opened on 12/19/23 with Microsoft to correct their spam blacklist record by our email vendor)  about correcting the spam blacklist record seems to have corrected my problem.  I no longer get 70 spam emails a day - just 2 or 3 - and I can send emails now!  (fingers crossed!!)





I just successfully sent an email to the contact with a address. Not longer on blocked list! Thank you for staying on this and keeping me informed.

I cannot send any email at all right now.  PLEASE fix this thing.  If your vendor cannot get it to work, fire them and replace them with somebody else.  Better yet, buy a software package and do it yourselves.  No doubt you can do better than this.

Hi Amanda:


When I logged into the webmail page yesterday all I got was gibberish.  It looked like two screens superimposed over each other.  It was useless.  Today, when I logged in I was at the inbox.


I have looked and looked for your previous question, and I can not find it.  Please repeat your question and Ill do my best to answer it.


I believe the problem is in the software module that authenticates logins from third party clients (Outlook, Mac Mail, iPad, etc.). 

So that you understand my concern: If it were easy and cheap for us to migrate to another email service, I would have already done so.  The problem I have is we are in the real estate business, and this email is on a lot of expensive signs.  For me to switch over to another email service would cost tens of thousands of dollars.  I do feel that you have an obligation to provide working email, and that is all I'm asking you to do.  I also have a background in Engineering, at Hughes, and if I can help in any way, I am willing to do so.  Although I have been flamed on this forum, I'm not here to flame others, and I will not do so.





Since we're swapping bona fides I have 34 years of experience in communications (US Army and Northrop Grumman) and decades of experience with HughesNet. If you don't think kids being home from school and being indoors doesn't have a major impact nor a load on the system, just look at the timeframe you've outlined - Winter break.


Also, have you ever considered that the sysops/tech people not jumping in as fast as you'd like is because email issues have been placed on the bottom of the urgency barrel? They're not abandoning you, just the email, because there are likely more pressing problems they need to deal with (J3 rollout, capacity, security, and increased load due to cable cutters to name a few) and (as I've said) your email issue likely can't be solved with the limited amount of resources.


If email is the reason why you're sticking with this service then I think your priorities are misplaced, since there are several better options for email (as I've said) that cost you nothing. And, oh by the way, email may have been included but you're paying through the nose for an internet service that has a tremendous amount of overhead and sunk equipment costs, not subcontracted email services that may likely be going away.


I'm sorry that your expectations don't match the reality of the situation, but that's life.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
Distinguished Professor IV

I second @MarkJFine's suggestion about the third party email. I'd also add that ISP provided email is progressively going by the wayside, with many ISP's no longer providing it in any way, so there may very well come a time, and maybe not that far off into the future, where those who rely on HughesNet's email service will need to transition to a third party provider. In fact, though I'm not 100% on this, I believe they're no longer offering their email service to new subscribers and are now only keeping it available for existing subscribers who still use it, though I've no doubt the number who still do use it is gradually decreasing.


It's just something to keep in mind.


I've been using MSN's email service (it became Hotmail and is now for about 25 years, and it's always worked very well. I use Gmail too, though that one is primarily a 'just in case' backup. The only thing I've ever really used HughesNet's email for is Community Notifications, and even then I forward them to my regular email, only checking HughesNet's webmail site every few months to empty the Inbox.


I too am unable to send emails. Keep getting a message that states see outlook. I do not use outlook. Today I got a message saying hughesnet is on a block list. The contact I tried to mail has a mail address. This is so annoying.  I won't even try to call or chat with hughesnet because it never accomplish anything


Having the same problem here now plus get a 403 code when I attempt to login to website. My email has been doing this off & on sending since Monday. Tried to use phone tech support but call dropped on HugheNet end. Frustrating, I know all about it. I've tried using Mailbird, EM client & Thunderbird. All my email client settings are correct & entered properly. This type problem has happened to me on & off for about 2 years now!


Hello Robert,


Just checking in! I had replied to your private message on 12/27/23 but just in case you did not see it, I will copy and paste it here. I am hoping that together, we can find a resolution soon.


I understand your concern about the seasonality of the issue, and in my decade here have definitely seen situations (perhaps not specific to email) here where this is the case for a problem. Seasonality could also mean other factors such as an increase in spam, junk or phishing mail being firehosed out during peak shopping season. However, since you were still prompted to login/have issues in locations that aren't where your HughesNet internet service is the primary connection, it tells me that the connection at your home may not be the culprit. Please do send that screenshot you mentioned before if possible, or any screenshots you can get of recent/new problems. They are tremendously helpful when escalating. 


Thank you