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NEW email Problem!

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NEW email Problem!

I can NOT send email from either Outlook, nor Macintosh mail, nor iPhone nor iPad.  I can receive email just fine.  It appears that all of my email clients are suddenly unable to log into the outgoing server.  I believe something has gone wrong with the outgoing email server.  It does not accept a login from my email clients.  I have been a Hughesnet user for over 20 years.  This seems to happen every year in December.  Is some key tech support person on leave?


I NEED my email.  Would someone from Tech support please respond?  I posted this complaint yesterday and nobody responded.


Tech support please respond ASAP.


Robert Oder

Temecula CA

Distinguished Professor IV

I hope that @Liz , @Remy , @Damian , or even @Jay or @Amanda  reply to you today.  You're likely not the only one going through this.  

Have you called the 800 number or gotten on the chat to see if they're aware of reports of email issues?

Hi Maratsade!


Thank you for responding.


When I call the 800 number, I get some young inexperienced kid that does not have a clue about this problem.  I think there is something in the outgoing email server that is preventing client logins.  I believe this requires intervention by a Tech person.  As this always happens in late December, I cant help but wonder if some key person is on Christmas leave.


I need HELP!





Thanks for reaching out! We have our team looking into this issue for you. To start, is your email client set up in accordance with this link


Your email status shows that it's active, so you're not currently suspended. Please try logging in to and click on 'My Email'. If you're able to do so, please attempt to send an email through here and let us know what ends up happening!




Well, Remy, it worked once then quit again.   Can you tell me what the problem is?  Maybe I can help you with it.



Former Hughes Aircraft Company Engineer

Distinguished Professor IV

Does it work again if you clear the cookies? 


Also, it's just a thought, but I'd shut all devices connected to the modem, whether by WiFi or Ethernet, then power cycle the modem, meaning unplug it, wait for at least a minute, then plug it back in. After waiting a couple of minutes for it to be fully back up and ready, try it again. This may help if it's a DNS related issue.


You could also temporarily try using a public DNS service, like Google's or Cloudflare's. There's a way you can change the DNS in the modem's settings. It's in the Advanced Setup section, the same section where you can adjust the WiFi settings. You can uncheck Obtain from ISP and add the DNS settings, then click Save Settings. I don't know that this will make any difference, but it's a fairly easy thing to try. 

Nice to hear from you, Gabe.


Does not work on iPhone nor iPad either.  And at the moment, I'm at my other house, using Spectrum internet.  It odes not work from here either.  I suspect something is wrong with the email server.  It fails during the processing of log in credentials.  I think it is a problem that can be remedied with monitoring of the system by the sysops.  


The fact that it happens during the holidays tells me that it's possible a key sysop- who knows how to fix the problem - is on vacation, or maybe it is higher system load.  


At any rate, I wish the staff would weigh in on this.



Hi Remy:


This has something to do with the outgoing email server not accepting my login credentials from any of my four clients.  It could be a timing out problem or a bug in the server authentication software.  I suspect the latter, as the problem also occurs when I try to log in over Spectrum internet service, which is much faster than HughesNet satellite service.  Could you please see what you can do to fix this?  I know it is at least temporarily fixable, because we have been through this before.


Thank you.  Please get back to me.



Hi Remy:


If I seem impatient, it is because this has been going on now for several years.  Every year in December, this happens.  This is a technical problem and it needs to be fixed by technical people.  Please see if you can get a tech person on it.  In this day and age, email is critically important.  My email is on signs all over town.  I am unable to respond to client emails at this time.  I am losing business because of this.  If you are unable to get the techs to fix this, please give me their contact info and let me see if I can help.  I worked at Hughes for many years, and I am a seasoned Electrical Engineer.  


Thank you.


Robert Oder

any progress to report?

Hello all,


We have some planned maintenance tonight which may result in a few hours downtime on the community and our main website ( This will likely impact the webmail site as well, but just wanted you to be aware in case you try to login tonight and it is not working.


We have an internal escalation path we can take if this is something we cannot resolve on our own, so not to worry. 


The most important pieces of information for us to know in this case, and it would be great if everyone on this thread with the problem can answer:


When visiting and logging in, then clicking on 'My Email', does it redirect you to an inbox?

If yes - can you send/receive email here? (If you can't send email, what happens? Do you get a bounceback, error page, or something else?)

If no - where does it take you?


Feel free to send @Jay screenshots in a private message if needed. He will be taking over your case while Remy is out. 

My primary error message was I was required to log in to my email every time to send or receive and then it would error message me "invalid login" even though username and password had not changed. When first going to Webmail it would not take me there. So far since I changed my password I have not had a problem on either. 

HI Amanda.

Yes, I can log in to "My Email" and it takes me directly to my email inbox.  I CAN send emails from this with no problem.  They send right away.  It is only when I try to send from any of my other devices that I get an error.





Hi RobertOder,


Just wanted to check in. Were you able to check on my previous request? 


When visiting and logging in, then clicking on 'My Email', does it redirect you to an inbox?

If yes - can you send/receive email here? (If you can't send email, what happens? Do you get a bounceback, error page, or something else?)

If no - where does it take you?






last time I went there I got a screen that looked like two screens superimposed upon each other.  So I gave up.

It just returned "metadata not found"


I suggest you consider a very major overhaul.  Like completely scrapping most of it and installing something better.

I just took a picture on my iPhone.  how can I send it to you?


Distinguished Professor IV

@RobertOder wrote:

I just took a picture on my iPhone.  how can I send it to you?

If it's something you need to send privately to her, send the pic to her via private message.


If it's something you want to post here, click to reply to her and then click the camera icon in the ribbon at the top of the message body. You can choose the picture from there. 

Hi Robert,


You can send the image here (if there is no personal info in it) or via private message. If you have social media, we'll be able to see it if you send it over Facebook private message to our HughesNet page, or Twitter page @AskHughes via direct message.


If you have email through iCloud, you can also email the image to


I appreciate your patience while we try to get this fixed for you. Unfortunately we're limited when the problem description is "it does not work", so screenshots can provide a really different angle to understanding the problem


Thank you,

a few minutes ago, I attempted to Reply to the above message again.  I received the following message in Red:

"Authentication Failed

Authentication Ticket Mismatched, failed authentication"


Now, what's going on this time?  PLEASE just fix your email!  It will cost me a small fortune if I have to go to another service provider for email.  email is part of this service.





The authentication message may appear if you are inactive for a long period if time (or writing a long response), but if it happens frequently, you can try from an incognito/private window. 


This is the first time I've heard of your particular issue with the doubling up of screens. Can you send some screenshots of the website when you attempt to access your email via webmail and any errors you get when trying to send mail?