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noise coming from modem

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noise coming from modem

Recently  my HT2000W has started making a slight noise....kind of like a fan noise or mild motor noise. It's not disturbing now but should I worry about future problems? It's about a year and a half old and stays on all the time. The installer from HughesNet told me never turn it off.

Distinguished Professor IV

I would let the Hughesnet reps on this site check the modem from you remotely and see if it's showing any issues.


Does it have plenty of space all around it?

Thanks for the reply!

 It has about an inch of open space on each side and feels cool when I put my hand near the sides. However, it is quite warm on the top. How do I get the Hughesnet reps to check it remotely?



Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing some equipment issues! It seems these are your first posts here. Welcome to the Community! We'd love to help take a look into this for you, but I was unable to locate your account through your Community profile. Please send us a private message at the link provided below with your account number or a phone number attached, so we can take a deeper dive into this for you!