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Monthly Dog and Pony Show Performance By Moderators Regarding Invalid ID Credentials

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Monthly Dog and Pony Show Performance By Moderators Regarding Invalid ID Credentials

It's been over a year since the 1st time we had to go through the routine of adding all the required info just to sign in, only to find that HughesNet is incapable/unwilling to fix the problem, regarding Invalid ID Credentials.The moderators have told the same story month after month;nothing has changed. Either they are bots or pathological liars. Call center employees say one thing,do another. 

One thing is fact, HughesNet does not care about customers,employees will lie repeatedly, and the problem is never fixed.

Just for cheap intertainment, we decided to login and see if anything has changed.

It hasn't. 

Just saying, and if you don't believe the response to this post. It will be the same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.....

Just for fun, we take screen shots and share them with anyone that is considering using HughNet as an internet provider. All potential users, except one, have decided against using HughesNet. The one that did choose HughesNet changed to a different provider as soon as they could.

Ain't life grand in HughesLand!

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All your posts so far have been angry and unproductive. Do you want to work through your issues and fix them, or is pointless complaining enough for you?
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And do be sure to show these alleged potential users how you not only spammed on three threads on 2/23/2018, but were also offered help on all three and never responded.


As the old saying goes, "You can't help someone who won't help themselves", which fits you to a tee, as when that help was offered you never bothered to take it.  



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GabeU, you can't honestly say to any customer that there is a solution for curing the Invalid ID Credentials problems. It occurs every month, no matter what. You can be hostile all you want, take it personal,etc, but the fact remains that every "solution" offered doesn't work. So get off your self righteous high horse and address the problem. Just because you say we didn't follow procedure doesn't make it true. You are attacking the messenger, but ignoring the problem. Invalid ID credentials status  is a constant occurence every month. You know that; if you say otherwise you are lying, or worse, purposely spreading negativity and false information. We have called the offshore call center staffed with people incapable of speaking understandable English, suffered through the Dog And Pony Show, re-set all the information needed to solve the Invalid ID Credentials problem, only to have it re-occur the very next month. Time and time again. Go read the customer complaints regarding this matter, evaluate how long it has been this way by reading said complaints, and then reply with a straight face that there is a solution that lasts for longer than one month. We would love it if were true, would brag on good 'ol GabeU,customer service,etc if it were true. But it's not. Cuz buddy, we have more to do than spend time resetting all the info every month via an offshore call just to log in and use the services that are offered but yet never accessable due to...Invalid ID Credentials. Sad thing, your reply is exhibit one for the exact thing we were complaining about. Who are you anyway? A paid troll? Anyway,Good Buddy, we have learned to not expect the truth or an honest reply from any of you, and admit all dialogue with you is useless. Thanks for exposing the hateful attitude and non-answers so commonly displayed by your ilk. Touche'...thanks for nothing. No need to reply, all interest in finding a solutions is long gone. 

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I had an Invalid Open ID Credentials issue on 12/15/2017.   I posted about it.  The post was replied to by a rep, I answered the question the rep had, and the issue was fixed in less than two weeks.  I posted, they replied, I replied and the issue was fixed.  


You ranted, they reps replied with an offer of help and you ingored them.  


You can make all the excuses and accusations you want.   When you refuse the help offered your rants about the issue no longer hold any weight and you simply become a troll.   

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Hi there Madasheck,

I'm a Hughesnet customer of about 2 years and a few months. I'll be the first to admit Hughesnet is not a perfect service. However, I've never known a moderator to intentionally lie. GabeU is also a customer, and has been one for many years. He is not paid anything nor is he a Hughesnet employee. He has no reason to lie to anyone.

He also doesn't think Hughesnet is perfect. He recently had an issue with his billing--they wouldn't accept a card he's been using for years. You can read all about it on this community.

However, he never called anyone names, he stuck with it, and he got it resolved.

He has decided to use his volunteer time to help people in the Hughesnet community because he has technical expertise and years of experience with Hughesnet. The moderators take being called names like "pathological liars" in stride, as part of their job, but they shouldn't have to. There is no excuse for calling Gabe, a volunteer, names. I don't think he takes it "personal," as you said, but I take it personally, because even though I've never met Gabe or talked with him outside this forum, I consider him a friend.

Could you do me a favor and explain to me what the problem is that you're having and the exact steps you have implemented to fix it? I'm sorry you are going through this; it must be extremely frustrating! We'll try to assist you in resolving it. I've been out of the loop as I had to take a break from helping in the community to focus on my job and schooling for a few months, so please forgive me for not being up to speed on your issue.

I only ask that a) you try the solutions we offer and report back to us, and b) please treat us with courtesy. It's OK to be mad as heck, frustrated, etc. Just don't take it out on us.

Again, I'm sorry you're having this annoying problem and I'd like to help you resolve it, if I can.

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Thank you for the compliments.  I very much appreciate it.  🙂  


MadAsHeck's issue, apparently, is an issue that pops up from time to time with a small number of people, though a few people have had the issue for some time and continue to work with the HughesNet reps to finally get the issue resolved.  Whether MadAsHeck's issue could be resolved, like it can for most people who have this problem occur, is impossible to know, as he/she refuses to converse with the reps in any way, other than spouting insults to them.  They've offered to help, numerous times, but he/she never accepts that help.  


Other than offering a workaround that helps most (but not all) temporarily, there's not really anything we fellow customers can do to resolve the issue.  It's one of those things where the solution lies solely with the reps and/or engineers. 


Again, thanks for the compliments.  I appreciate the kindness.   

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You're very welcome. 😀

Hi MadAsHeck,


Please see the reply you received from Liz here:


We have offered to assist you but need more information to open a ticket. If you do decide you would like the issue resolved, please feel free to send me a private message with the specific account(s) you are getting the errors on.


Thank you,




It's been a while since we've heard from you so this thread will be closed.