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Needing address to send formal complaint and written request to cancell service.

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Needing address to send formal complaint and written request to cancell service.


Back Story: When I call to see about getting service, I told them I would be mainly using it for streaming tv. The rep told me  the service would work great for streaming tv, as that is what they use it for, even suggested the package to get, that would work best for streaming.  Service was set up in December 2018.  While the tech was there setting up, We could not get anything to stream, it kept buffering and never stopped buffering.  Then my computer would never connect to the wifi, after several minutes he was able to pull up a few sites, but it ran very slowly, shortly after he left it lost service again.   He checked everything and the speeds and said everything shows it is working correctly and he left. Even through nothing was working correctly, and streaming never stopped buffering.


I called in several times, then on 12/16/18 received a confirmation tex for order 9176317 stating they were coming out.  I called in to see what it was about and was told they had several people having the same issues I was having, and they were going to be coming out to upgrade the dish, that they just put up. I told them I would not be there, they said I would need to be there and to call the number that texted and reschedule.  I left a message with the number and also texted back and never heard back.


I waited till after the holidays and called to see about the reschedule and I was told by custormer service, they had no idea what I was talking about.  She also stated that they do not confirm appointments by text message.  I told her that was not true as that is how the confirmed the appoinment to set up service. She again told me that do not work that way. She told me my dish was not being upgraded as I already had the newest one. I asked so what are the doing about the service and she stated they came out on 12/17/2018 and everything was working fine.  Again this did not happen, as no one came to my residence that day or any day since they set up service. I told her if my service was not fixed soon I was disconnecting, due to no service being provided. I was not going to pay for services that I was not receiving.


I have had several other conversations with them saying my service is working fine.  However, that is not the case.  If I want to use the internet or stream tv. I have to use my data on my phone with the mobile hotspot. I had to up my data on my phone plan to continue to use it, as it is my only sorce of internet service.


Since I have gone without internet since December,  I realize I no longer need it.  I also will not continue to pay $80+ for a service I can not use.  I am requesting my service be disconnected immediately.  If I receive a bill for early termination, I will be getting with the B.B.B. and any other complaint department to do a complaint if necessary . I will also be checking with legal since they are breaking the contract due to NOT PROVIDING ANY service. (it is not slow service, there is no service). I have information form other residence in the area that had the same issues, in the past.


I had a neighbor and family member deal with paying for service they did not get for 2 years to keep from paying the early termination fee. That is just wrong.  I understand that we live in a very rural area and do not have service out there, but Hughes Net should know their limitations and not offer service where they can not provide it.  I should have checked the neighborhood when I moved in and found out that this has been an issues with several others in this area.


I am past dealing with anyone else and having any tech come out, since they have already said they have been out, when they have not. Also keep being told there is nothing wrong and everything is working fine, and that others in the area had the same issues and they could not correct it for them.   They also say I am using data when nothing will  connect to the internet / wifi, I do fine that funny.


I need an address to send in my request for immediate cancellation and complaint in writing.  Does anyone have an address?  I have seen several people ask for a complaint department address, but do not see that one was ever given. I will also need the information to return the box.  If the dish needs to be sent back in, someone will need to come out and remove it from my roof, as it is not safe for me to climb up there.


Hello Tonya,


Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear you have gone through this. In order to cancel the account immediately, you will need to call into our support line at 866-347-3292. The agent will be able to make the decision on what to do regarding your Early Termination Fees. There is no address to send a cancellation request to. The same department will also be able to notate your complaints and give advice on where you can submit a formal complaint if needed. Once you cancel your account, the information regarding your return box will be relayed to you. The dish itself does not need to be sent back, as we only require the radio transmitter to be returned along with your modem and power supply. Our technicians are not required to remove the dish from your roof or property after you cancel. Having a technician come out to take the dish down is an option, however, it will cost the normal fee for a dispatch. Enlisting the help of family, friends, or even a third-party service, are recommended and all perfectly acceptable in that situation.


In regards to you stating we have broken the contract by not providing you any service, this is not the case as I have run diagnostics on your account and see your internet is currently up and running with two devices pulling data. Once you speak with our cancellation department, they will be able to assist you and provide compensation if available. 



I will do all the above, but no I have not had service and there are no two devices in the home to being using data.  WIFI stays turned off on my phone and my computer always shows no internet connection ( I am only able to use the mobile hotspot on my phone, why the wifi is always turned off on my phone), and the fire stick has been removed and is no longer in the home.  I am the only one that lives there and work nights and out of the house 16 to 17 hours each night/day.  So anything pulling data is false.  Its funny that everyone sitting in the office loves to say it is working because the system shows it is, but in reality at the home it is not.  It is funny that so many people have the same problem, and are told the same thing. I have even read severl post where people are complining that data is being used, when they are stating there is no possible way, like in my case. So I do not believe all these customers are lieing about the situation. The customer gets screwed having to pay for services they do not get. Just looking at the forum and talking to people at work and who are local to me, that have complained, Hughesnet should realize they have a very big issue with service. It may be that I live a rural area, but if that is the case you shouldn't offer service out there. 


So, yes the contract has been broken because services are not working in the home.  Data is not being used in my home and my neighbors are too far away to be using it.

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@TRH wrote:

I have even read severl post where people are complining that data is being used, when they are stating there is no possible way, like in my case. So I do not believe all these customers are lieing about the situation.  

The customers aren't lying about their situation.  The customers are making incorrect assumptions about why their data is being used.  If data is shown as being used, something used it.  There can be instances of something using more data than normal for the same activity, but when that happens it can be due to either dropped data packets, which can occur with a weak Wi-Fi signal or a weak/faulty satellite connection, both of which can be seen in the diagnostics run by the reps, or something simultaneously using data that the customer is not aware of, with the latter almost always being the reason for it.   


As for what devices have been using your data, you can see what is connected, and what was connected, but is no longer, here, though the information shown is only since the last time the modem was powered.    


As well, both this post and this post may give you some idea(s) of what could be using your data.