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bait and switch from what the sales rep said, he said unlimited high speed data and no contract

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bait and switch from what the sales rep said, he said unlimited high speed data and no contract

Now im stuck for 2 years with a service with a ping and jitter that will give you the jitters.   youtube buffers, forget gaming which i was told by the rep would be excellent for gaming..   Hughesnet you have one chance to make this right.  I have text messages from sales with proof so they lied and mis represented hughesnet or something but i will not be another victim

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@displeaseduser ,


You've come to the right place. The Hughesnet corporate reps on this site can review the sales phone call to hear what the sales rep said and what you replied. Pulling the call may take a few days, so stay tuned.  The official reps here work M-F, during business hours. 


The reps here may need further information from you, so keep an eye on your thread to see if they request it. If they do, they will provide you with a link to message them privately. 


Hopefully your issue will be resolved soon.  In the meantime, you may want to read the subscriber agreement, located at

Among other things, it lists the grievance procedure, if you need to go that route. 

I have the same problem as the one who made the post they never told me about a 99 dollar activation fee or a pole charge or I would of not got the service me and my wife are being called liars saying that they did tell us and as I said we live on a budget and would of not got the service if we would of been told these things we could not afford it so if we are liars they are thieves taking money out of my account without me authorization it so do I need to talk to my bank about getting this back

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By creating an account, you authorise the company to deduct the monthly payment from your account.  If you don’t want them to do that anymore, cancel the account. 


If you would like the HughesNet reps on this site to check your account and to see if they can pull up the sales call to verify what was said, please say so. Go back to the main account page and click on the blue “Start a topic” button, and describe your situation clearly and politely.  A rep will get back to you and do the best they can to help you.


This site is to get help from the reps and other users; this is not a site to review the service. If you would like to review the service, or would like to post complaints without asking for a solution, you are on the wrong site. There are many sites where you can complain about the service and/or review it.  Go to one of those sites if that is your purpose. 




Hello! I see this is your first post here. Welcome to the Community! We'd love to help take a look into this for you, but I was unable to locate your account through your Community profile. Please send us a private message at the link provided below with your account number or a phone number attached, so we can take a deeper look into this for you!