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Dropbox and Data

Finding that my expectations for internet are high. I use a ton of data for school, and my wife uses a ton for work. it has been a little over two years for us on Hughesnet. Now the first year was a total nightmare with equipment failing and (LOL) Falling off the house. I found most my help within the fourms as calling in was a total waste of time. With that being said, and all the service issues corrected, I have learned a few tweeks. I am on here today because I absolutly can not get my wifes dropbox account to work anymore.


Here is what I have done so far:


1. uninstalled and reinstalled

2. changed the bandwith settings

3. allowed full network speeds

4. (worked for two days) Alotted 2,500mbps download and 1,500mpbs upload


I am out of ideas. I have also tried to load from the browser (safari, chrome, and opera) I can't even get to the website via brower as the conection seems to not exist. I a feeling that this is not a Hughesnet issue, because we are forced to all work and play from home. I used Dropbox support and of course they blame hughesnet? What are your thoughts? 





Distinguished Professor IV

Rob, they are aware of the Dropbox issue, and hopefully working on it.  Other things are failing too. 

The thought in some quarters is that it's an issue with the internet backbone, which is provided by CenturlyLink,and may be affecting the pathways between our individual user sites and the HN servers.  It's really not on your side, and there's really nothing you can do at the  moment.  Several of us are experiencing the same issues and have provided HN with a list of the sites that aren't working for us. 


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.

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Distinguished Professor IV

Working super slowly for me.  It's probably congestion; the West Coast probably just hopped on the web for work related stuff . 

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