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Low download high upload


Re: Low download high upload

Don't need a rep to answer this, anymore. Just spoke to phone rep for the last time I'm going to try. Apparantly, hughesnet does not care if your internet drops to the point you can not browse at all after your paid allowance is exhausted. They have no interest in making adjustments, unless you can afford to pay for more data allowance. I have been with Hughesnet for a couple years, and have never been treated this way. Someone always took care of the issue before I upgraded to Gen5. Now, I have to find another internet service that actually cares when the customer has an issue. I have suggested Hughesnet to many people. I will, now, have to tell them exactly what is going on and will have them tell everyone they know.

To all you people whao have nothing better to do than hang out in Hughesnet tech support and criticise, make suggestions and get gold stars from the reps.....


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Re: Low download high upload



Well, you're going to get a reply, anyway.


No one criticized you.  We take the time out of our day to help people get the most out of their service, and that includes helping people to not only resolve their issue(s), but also helping people to get a start in resolving those issues that the reps must handle, like peforming speed tests that are needed by the reps to address the issue.  


Hughesnet DOES care about the performance of your service, but it takes active participation from you to resolve it.  If you can't do what is asked of you to begin that process there is nothing that can be done for you.


The Hughesnet Community and the Hughesnet Customer Service (phone) are two diffferent avenues of receiving help.    


I'm sorry you're giving up.  Good luck to you.  


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Re: Low download high upload

I am experiencing exactly the same issue for the last few days and, I think, it is a bug in the software, that is HNet Speed Test. I have GEN5 and HT2000W modem. My download is .98 Mbps and upload 3.28 Mbps. shows result for download as 26 Mbps, and upload 2.1 Mbps. 


Unfortunately, tech support people at HNet are superfically trained and aren't capable to detect and troubleshoot the issue. I tried 2 of them and both of them are just going through a typical protocol, including rebooting the modem, which is useless. They should report the issue to their management, instead. I am not sure they would do it as some of them are georgraphically and time zone far removed, or their protocol doesn't provide that option. 

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Re: Low download high upload



There are known issues on a few beams that Hughesnet is presently working to fix.  It's possible that you are on one of those beams (there are a few posts regarding this in the tech support section).


You can find your beam in the "Satellite" box on the following page...!/home/information


If you are not on one of those beams, it would be a good idea for you to create a new topic to address your issue.  

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