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Speed issues, can't stay on chat for Help

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Speed issues, can't stay on chat for Help

Last night DL was consistently under 1 mbps, up was 2.5 to 4
This morning, DL has ranged from sub 1 to 10.

I have been on 4 chats and they just stop replying or disconnect. One rebooted modem a few times.

I have no phone here, need assistance please. Should I email?

Hi bronccat,


Thank you for this information. I also noticed on your account that you've reached out to our corporate office, so yes, one of our corporate representatives will be in contact with you to address your concerns. I've shared this thread with him so that he has more details on the troubleshooting attempted thus far. I'll go ahead and close out this thread, as I'm sure our rep will provide you with a resolution.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



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As I understand it, regarding streaming, you're trying to stream Hulu and Netflix via your Firestick, but nothing loads? I'm not familiar with Firestick's interface, but basically nothing is happening when trying to connect to it?  That's how I initially noticed the speed issues.  I then adjust resolution settings to where we could stream on most devices.  Service has seemed sluggish since day one - but finally became problematic enough to test.  Just wouldn't load.


For troubleshooting purposes, let's isolate the TV to which the Firestick is connected. I suggest documenting what happens as you go along, as I'm providing several troubleshooting steps below.


Are you able to connect the TV directly to the HughesNet modem via ethernet cable? No.  This was also issue on two phones and laptop.  Definitely was connection.


If so, please do so and temporarily disable wifi on the modem. For your convenience, here's the modem user guide. Please uncheck the SSID Enable options for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, as you have devices on both.  Did this when the laptop was connected for the speed tests, I have screenshots if needed.


If the TV is too far to be connected via ethernet cable, disable the network on which the TV is NOT connected (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). Be sure to disconnect any other devices that share that same network to truly isolate the TV. N/A, I am not on site


Once the TV is the only device on the network, try streaming and let me know how it goes. If no improvement, ensure the playback quality is set to auto or standard definition.  Typically, when we tried to stream this last week would turn off the wifi on the two phones and the latop.  I am not close to any neighbors and checked for connected devices.  Also tried another router.


If quality is already set to auto, please let me know which streaming platform you tried (Netflix, Hulu, etc.).  Selected lowest setting on NF, YTTV and Firestick.  Hulu is Auto. 


If any issues with that platform, try a different one to see if it plays well. This is to check if the issue is platform-specific.  All were about the same.


If no improvement in streaming via the TV, please test stream on a different device on a non-HughesNet connection, if possible. For example, if Netflix is buffering on your isolated TV, try Netflix on a mobile device via cellular connection or other non-HughesNet connection. Any difference?  I would DL videos from all sources when in town via cellular without issue



Hi bronccat, 


Thanks for the speedy responses. I've run diagnostics on your site and I see we're currently delivering over 35 Mbps to the modem and no red flags; everything is working normally. Also, I don't see any HughesNet Voice subscription; third party VOIP services may not work optimally on HughesNet.


Please ensure that all streaming apps and devices on which you're using those apps are updated with the latest software version, let's be sure we can eliminate this as a culprit before moving on.


You can check if an app needs updating if you go to whichever app store you use, visit the streaming app's page, and see if there's an "Update" button visible.


I just checked my Netflix app on my phone and iPad and have just updated them; there were app updates on the 23rd (Android) and yesterday (iOS).


Please send me screenshots of your streaming apps after they're updated, should look like this in the app store once updated:


For troubleshooting purposes let's stick with Netflix and whichever device you usually use to stream. Let me know if that device is up to date as well, version numbers help.


Your patience and cooperation are much appreciated.





If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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They were updated prior to our last trip - I can do again that but won't matter until I am back down there.  The reality is that the speed test results are what they are - what needs to be done about that?  If you look at the logs they were consistently slow the entire history (wifi or ehternet connection).



I'll add - it's not just the streaming. It's every onlne DL function - on every device.  File downloads, browsing, etc.  ULs are fine.

I'll (also) add, there is another odd thing going on.  My MTD usage is staying at zero - even though my month began on 10/22.

Hi broncat,


Thanks for the additional info. Looking forward to the screenshots and hearing how it goes after your apps and devices are all updated.


Your cooperation and patience are appreciated.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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As for the app thing, it's not going to fix this and feels almost like busy work TBH. As I said the symptoms are across the board, the apps were UTD before I went down and the speed tests don't lie.

I'd prefer we discuss viable fixes and trouble shooting. I don't want to go back down there with no ability to chat or make phone calls and this not be resolved.

I really need some answers and I have been beyond patient.

Thank you.
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It's to your benefit to do the troubleshooting that the reps ask you to do. You want solutions and they want to find solutions, but they need your cooperation. They can't improve things if you won't troubleshoot. 

I'm not there and its busy work. No way a video streaming app is going to create slow speed test results.

I need results. Again, I am not there so there's no point in me updating those apps and proving that I did.

I explained all of this above. There is a problem and I need it resolved - and updating Hulu isn't going to fix the testmy results. $&#*@?

Now, all of that being said, if I have to jump through hoops before they are "allowed" to escalate - then just say it.

BTW, this isn't a CO-OP I'm a paying customer and expect better. I'm not going to apologize for my frustration either.
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I understand your frustration and sympathise with your situation -- still, the reality is, you need to follow their troubleshooting steps if you want to at least have a chance at service improvement. They're not asking you to update your apps and do other things because they're bored and want to mess with you; they're asking you to do these things to help them figure out what's going on -- they don't live with you, so they need you to do troubleshooting, especially since your equipment is running as expected (state code 0.0.0); this indicates there is a problem on your side. Takes a while to do the detective work to figure out what's going on. 


If you're not willing to follow their instructions, that's your right, of course, but since their tech support depends on your following their instructions, you're painting yourself into a corner here and you're getting stuck.  Your other option, of course, is to find alternative services, if they are available in your area. 

Hi bronccat,


It's ok to be frustrated, I understand.


Our diagnostics show the HughesNet equipment is functioning normally. However, we don't know the details of the devices and apps you're using to stream, which may be affecting your internet performance. You may see a difference if you stream on updated apps and devices. Without the ability to troubleshoot further with you, the root cause will remain unknown.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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I understand what you're saying - but understand what I'm saying.

Remove streaming from the conversation for a moment. Let's solely look at the speed tests - as they are by far the most reliable, quantifiable data. Anything beyond that is totally subjective.

My point is - we KNOW that there is a speed issue from the router to the laptop via ethernet (speed tests) and the router to the phones via wifi (speed tests) and the router to the firestick (via wifi) as indicated by slow connection speed warnings.

So, let's go back to the laptop.

It wasn't running any of the streaming apps.

If I came to you and said "here are my speed results from my laptop connected via ethernet cable - and I tested because browsing and file transfer were sluggish"

What would you tell me to do next? Because that, in reality that is where we are.

If that doesn't get us to the next step - then what?

Am I to wait a week to drive down there, update my apps, send screenshots proving I did - then run a speed test on a TOTALLY separate device just to prove that it wasn't the streaming apps? Because that's what is being asked of me.

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If I may, the reps here ask for things for a reason, but they aren't going to twist your arm for you to provide what was asked.  They don't give "busywork".  They have no reason to.  They aren't trying to tie you up with work while they look for a solution, as again, they don't have to.  They're trying to word toward a solution, but they need the information asked for in order to do so.  It may not seem logical why they ask for something, but what they ask for they need.  


With this said, I'm sure that with you not being at the service location all the time, Liz knows this is going to take longer than it normally would to troubleshoot and find a solution, but refusing to do what it asked because it doesn't seem necessary is definitely not going to help the situation.


Good luck.


I know man, and I swear I'm not being obstinate for the heck of it lol.

But to me this is akin to "unplug the modem". Yes, that fixes a lot but there is no logical way that outdated (but they weren't) streaming apps on other devices are going to cause slow speed tests on another machine - especially when they arent connected.

I'd love to get this escalated to some meat and potatoes solutions while I have phone access.

Doing what she's asked isn't going to fix it and it's only going to leave me on an island again with no meaningful progress - and only delays a real solution.

I can't be anymore clear - forget streaming was ever involved.

All that matters, truly, is that the wired connection confirmed the same paltry DL results as the wireless.

Someone explain to me how the app version on another device has any bearing whatsoever on the fact that another device, connected via ethernet is clocking sub 1 MBPS DL speeds?

No one can. Bottom line this is step "x" and until I satisfy this step, I won't be allowed to proceed.

That is absurd, IMO.

"What is your quest"... I'd know the air speed velocity of a laden swallow (both African and European) but we can't get to that point.



Maybe this will suffice. This app was draggy and was UTD on 10/23. I checked it this AM and that's still latest version. I'll send the screenshots

Thank you bronccat, I got your screenshot.


I get what you're saying, I'm only asking you to update your streaming apps because you brought up streaming as a concern so we're working on that.


If you would rather we focus on general browsing or downloading files, we can, I just need details on that as well. These are the sort of questions that engineering asks me; we focus on the online activities because on our end the diagnostics and our tests show we're delivering more than the usual plan speeds to the modem. We look at TestMy.Net results to see if it matches up with our results and if they don't it indicates where we should focus our efforts. 


Hope that clears things up.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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@Liz THANK YOU!!!!


Yes, let's focus on why the Speed results are what they are.  If that gets fixed, all else will follow.

No worries. Ok so we're doing process of elimination, so I suggest we focus on a device that can be connected via ethernet cable to the HughesNet modem and turn off wifi on the modem for the duration of testing. We want to make sure that device is the only thing using the internet while troubleshooting.


Examples of the sluggish sites you frequent would be helpful. Might as well also let us know what file(s) you're trying to download if you like.


Please let me know how long it takes for a site to load. If also testing downloading a file, time that as well. There's a tool @GabeU used that times page loading, but I don't recall so using the stopwatch on your phone will suffice.


Please also provide the device details (model and software version) as well as which browser and browser version you're using. Of course if either of those need updating, I recommend doing that before testing.


  Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.




If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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The Chrome app @GabeU mentioned was PageLoad times

Thanks - DL files is the clearest example.  Glasswire download (48mb) took just over 8 minutes when I installed it before we left (notes lol).


Firefox 82.0.2