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I'm thinking about canceling Directv. I've been doing research on OTA antennas. There are so many out there, my head is swimming. If someone who uses or has used in the past I would like to hear some feed back. The range I'm looking for is 60 Miles.


Thank You for any advice.




Have you looked into FTA satellite?


I purchased anantenna from eBay for $28.99. Amplified and rotor on it, came with 32’ of coax. It is rated 150 mile range. I live in E TX, about 100 miles SE of Dallas and 60 Miles SW of Tyler. I was able to receive about 11 stations, mostly in Tyler, but a few in Dallas as well as Bryan/College station. I had it mounted on 10’ pole.


That's what I'm talking about.!!

I think I still need a 20' pole   Smiley Indifferent

@kitnbob yep, the higher the better!
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I use a Channel Master antenna model number CM-3020 with a 100 mile range. When we lived in the Ozark Mtns (north central arkansas) we where a 100 miles from LR  and recieved around 25 channels. We had a motor so we could turn for best reception. 6 months ago we moved to Camden Tn (west tennessee). we recieve stations from Kentucky and Tn, Nashville and Jackson  we get about 39 channels we get abc,cbs,fox,me tv, some are the same like abc but their local news is different a  alot of there programing. but way more tv than I need. I rather be fishing hunting and enjoying life, tv is the pits and very depressing that is why i refuse to pay for it. they have a agenda they want to push on you, i am to old to change my beliefs.


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