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Bad service for new customer


Re: Bad service for new customer

Sure thing, Mark. We can certainly look into requesting a sales call review. If any coaching is needed, it will be applied. Thank you for your feedback!

Please don't hesitate to visit us in the community again if you have any additional concerns.

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Re: Bad service for new customer

I live in snowy west Michigan.
I bought a 15 foot collapsible extention pole from my local Lowe's store. I screwed a 7" "acid brush" onto it. No more need for a ladder.

Re: Bad service for new customer

How do I get someone to troubleshoot my Hughnesnet Internet?  It is going on the 4th day and I cannot get anyone to get my Internet working.  I have had it for 2 months and it does not work at all.  The first level of Service Support is all that I can contact.  The next line of Tech help will not contact me even though I have tried to contact them every day since my service stopped.  

I tried to delete my credit card information but it will not let me delete it or change it unless I put in a good number.  

So, does anyone know how to get these people to service their equipment.  

And one more thing, If it is cloudy or raining, I cannot get any use out of my Hughesnet Internet.   I live in Mississippi, USA and we have more rain than anyone in the Country.  So, I guess that is one detail that they failed to let me know about.  



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Re: Bad service for new customer



To get help with the internet issue, you should create a new topic in the "Tech Support" section, which you can do by clicking on the blue "Start a topic" button on the upper right while in said section.  In that post, make sure to describe the issue, and what, if anything, you have done thus far to attempt to fix it or get it fixed.  


For the Credit Card, you can only replace it with another, or call and request to be put on paper billing.  866-347-3292

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