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Slow internet

Here I am again in the same situation.  I have hughesnet as my backup internet.  Again it is so slow.  It is useless as a backup.  I don't know what happened to hughesnet but I used it for years for work and logged in to clients sytems via remote desktop and it worked great.  I am on channel 68 which supposedly is the issue.  Still not fixed since last time I posted in July.  I would like to know the process to get out of my contract.  Does anyone know the steps to take?  Thanks!

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I'm also interested in getting out of my contract... recently 2 members of my family moved out heavy user's,  yet using more data then when they were here?? Definitely being lied to about my usage!!

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No one's lying to you about your usage. If there's usage, something or someone in your house has been using it. To check for data leaks, use the procedure described here:


You can also install the free app Glasswire to see what's using your data. 


Without serious troubleshooting, your ETF remains valid. How many months are you into your contract? Your ETF gets reduced every month. 

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@Trijfree , 

Typically you would cancel your account and pay the ETF, however, the company is willing to work with subscribers after thorough troubleshooting. See "Troubleshooting is key! If we cannot resolve your concerns after best effort troubleshooting, we are happy to work with you regarding the termination fees."

I went through hours of troubleshooting a few months ago and also had all my equipment replaced and was told nothing was wrong.  I submitted my speed numbers to this message board and there was a problem.  It seems to be that channel 68 is overloaded.  Like I said this is my backup internet but it is useless for what I need it for.  I have been a customer of hughesnet for years.  Worked from home for years with hughesnet.  So this is a new problem within the last year.  Not happy which is a shame because in the past I had been very happy with my service.

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I hope @Damian@Remy , or @Liz will get back to you and see if they can do something for you, or work with you re the ETF. 



Thank you for reaching out! We'd love to help out, but I was unable to locate your account through your Community profile. Please send a private message to, with your account number or a phone number attached to your account!




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