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Speed issues, can't stay on chat for Help

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Speed issues, can't stay on chat for Help

Last night DL was consistently under 1 mbps, up was 2.5 to 4
This morning, DL has ranged from sub 1 to 10.

I have been on 4 chats and they just stop replying or disconnect. One rebooted modem a few times.

I have no phone here, need assistance please. Should I email?

Hi bronccat,


Thank you for this information. I also noticed on your account that you've reached out to our corporate office, so yes, one of our corporate representatives will be in contact with you to address your concerns. I've shared this thread with him so that he has more details on the troubleshooting attempted thus far. I'll go ahead and close out this thread, as I'm sure our rep will provide you with a resolution.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

Slow performance? Click me!

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The HughesNet reps on this site will be back on Monday,  and to address your speed issues, they require that you follow a specific troubleshooting procedure, which is detailed here:


Best way is to have 3 tests run 3 times a day (3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, 3 in the evening). Tests need to spaced out a bit, and they need to be specific file sizes. Everything is explained in the link I posted above. 


Do you still have data? Speeds will tank when you run out.


Good luck; I hope the issue gets resolved soon for you. 

Thanks. Yes, still have full allotment for month (new customer).

I was testing via testmy on 5 ghz band with nothing else online. Will do with laptop and ethernet and space out tests accordingly.

I know I won't get best results via wifi, but .4 MBPS is pretty dire no matter lol

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That's pretty bad speed, definitely. When you experience these slow speeds, what's the state code? (the state code can be found here:!/home/status).  

Also, what's your browsing experience when you measure those speeds? Was slow browsing what led you to run speed tests?

Looking for state code. Nothing would load on firestick (like Huku Home, NF, etc) and slow browsing.

On thehome page following that link I see only diagnostic code? 0s then 0005
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If you're on the modem's home page, click on System Status.  When you get to the system status page, look for the number next to State Code (located in the System Summary box).  The code that indicates everything's working as it should is 0.0.0. 





Thanks! 0.0.0
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Cool! What that means is that your system seems to be operating normally, so the slow speed may be caused by something else. The HN reps here will be back Monday, and they can run remote diagnostics to see if they see anything amiss.  Getting speed readings at different times of the day could show whether the slow speed has to do with congestion or traffic. 

@bronccat wrote:
On thehome page following that link I see only diagnostic code? 0s then 0005

The diagnostic code gives an abbreviated way of showing status for the last 3 hours -- it can be seen decoded visually on the following screen:!/diagnostics/hourly-history


It works like this:



The first 5 digits are a numeric code representing the most recent past hour.  The next 5 digits are for one hour back, and the next 5 digits after that are for two hours back.  The final digit is some kind of a checksum.


To decode these, reposition the dashes in the code like this:

0000-0000-0000-0005 -> 00000-00000-00000-5


Each group of five digits is the status for 1 hour with the following number values matching up with the display in the above screen:


2             Downlink

4             Uplink

16           Association

32           TCP Acceleration

128         RTT

512         FAP

1024       Web Acceleration [N]

2048       DNS Acceleration [N]

4096       DNS Acceleration [I]


I don't know what the values for LAN and Inroute Protection are -- I don't remember seeing them, but maybe 8192, and 16384.  There may be more code values not shown in the display as 1, 8, 64, and 256 are obviously missing and may represent something.  If anyone knows, please let me know!


For example 3 hours of FAP without anything else would have a code like this: 00512-00512-00512 (shown as 0051-2005-1200-512x, where x is some digit for the checksum)


A value of 00000-00000-00020 (shown as 0000-0000-0000-020x) means that Uplink+Association in the last hour with the two hours before being good as 4=Uplink + 16=Association gives 20 for both Uplink and Association.


If you see the diagnostic code was 0000-0000-0000-0005 then your last 3 hours would show in the display like mine above.


Unfortunately, WiFi can give really bad performance if another WiFi hotspot is in range using an over-lapping channel.  I experimented setting up two WiFi in range of each other purposely setting over lapping channels and the result is sub 800 Kbps at best! 


Also certain devices don't seem to play by the WiFi rules nicely - my niece had a certain older phone that would cause all other devices to drop off/rejoin anytime it joined the WiFi.  If she then let it sit for a while, all devices would again drop off and rejoin after so many minutes and the process would repeat the moment she touched it making it squak something over the WiFi.  When the devices dropped/rejoined, some would have trouble getting back on making a huge pain.  I have only seen two devices like this, but I think both may have been made in 2008 or 2009 and they made using WiFi a nightmare when they were turned on.


Your mentioning of the low speed reminded me of that over lapping channel thing or interference, but don't discount there being a rogue device -- the only way I could find them was to be sure that all devices were powered off -- not just screen dark but actually powered off, and testing each device with one other device on to find the trouble maker.  This is a huge pain since there were a ton of devices here using WiFi.


Many of the folks here requests tests using wired connection to side step the complex trouble shooting of WiFi problems.























Thanks for the amazing reply!
Yes, I normally wouldn't trust wifi at all but we are super isolated and there are only 3 devices in the house. Even with that, I am going to test today via ethernet.
I checked my wifi analyzer app and there are three unnamed wifi networks that appear to originate from the router based on signal strength. No idea what they are or why they are lol.

Really should only be two which are hidden and only for use in conjunction with the booster. the reason they are hidden is so only the booster will recognize it so no one accidentally tries to connect to it.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

This is ridiculous.  They have never replied to my emails and Chats keep failing.  Cannot call them because too slow for VOIP

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To get a reply from the HN reps on this site, you will need to run the tests as required:


If you already have run them as per those instructions, please post the URL to your My Results page. 

The HughesNet folks that do the troubleshooting want some bandwidth tests run in a very particular way so that they can line up the results with the data they can get a hold of.  If there are not obvious issues showing in the State Code, and Diagnostic Code, then they pretty much wait to get tests that have been run like they are looking for.  That link maratsade provided gives the details of how to run the tests the way they want them done, but the main points are:

  • To run the test using a wired connection
  • To be sure other data vampires are not hoping on the WiFi during the test, they will want that off
  • To be sure to use a Test Size of 25MB for the download test

I think I see your testmy account as there is one using your screen name, so once you have a batch of tests done like that they can compare the results against the diagnostic log information and other data they have to draw some conclusions about what is happening.  



Here is an image of where to set that test size:


If you don't mind saying, do you have Beam Id 82 on the bottom right side box on the following page?!/home/information


So they emailed me and said DL to the modem is at 36 MBPS 😳
Yes, I have been testing on wifi (with different devices) - but with no other devices connected. Trying to find ethernet cable 🤣, we're remodeling

Is there a wifi setting I should be looking at?

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That means that the speed of the signal coming from the gateway to your modem is 36 Mbps. Things on your side (including the configuration of your devices, the age of your devices, your software, how many devices are connected, how many users are on the network, etc.) can slow down your speed, and when you measure the speed with Testmy, congestion and internet latency will have an impact, sometimes significant. HN is providing you with speeds higher than the advertised 25 Mbps.

Right, so when I'm testing with a new laptop (and a not as new, but still not archaic phone) and nothing else on the wifi and consistently getting 1 mb DL - there is a wifi issue at the modem. Right?

I'm testing 5g - 10' from the modem.

Their email support is maddening.
"Call"... me "service is too poor for voip"
"I understand you can't call so chat (said this multiple times)" "I've tried 10 times"
"Call or contact support"... me "what is it you think I'm doing"...


You definitely want to run this test hard wired.  WiFi problems are complex and crazy hard to fix so you want to be sure your connection using the wired cable gives a good result before moving on to finding issues with the WiFi.  You want to to get a group of results up there according to those step that maratsade gave, and then the advanced group that gives support through this site are much better at assisting folks than the lower level phone/chat group.


For my first 6 months with HughesNet, I had fantastic WiFi -- then the leaves started to come off the trees and the neighbors WiFis were stomping all over mine.  Being sure you do not have a problem with your dish or modem or something that must come first or you will go crazy.


Once you have some good tests up there, you can let them know by posting your link to the results.  Although I assume your results are the ones for bronccat.



Thank you MrBuster. I will run the analytics once I find my ethernet cable. I am quite savvy at troubleshooting network issues but this modem is foreign to me.

(This isn't at you) what's maddening to me is that I have brand new equipment that's showing great DL speeds at the modem according to HN. If the issue is only wifi, then wow. Most devices are going to run on wifi and this makes me think I should have brought another router and used it as an AP so I could better manipulate it. Since day one I wished the HN equipment to be a modem only and user supplied router.